For 20 years, Hedge Trackers LLC has shared strategic insights and key process practices to protect earnings and cash from currency, interest rate and commodity price risk.

Its systems and services are tailored to reduce friction system-to-system and department-to-department, by clearly identifying and delivering company risk management objectives efficiently and effectively.

Company solutions are executed through direct client engagements or strategic alliances and partnerships. 

Hedge Trackers, a woman owned business, was founded to provide practical solutions related to corporate derivative accounting and US GAAP compliance.

Today, Hedge Trackers continues to evolve, providing a full suite of both US GAAP and IFRS risk management solutions and technologies addressing exposure life cycles from collection/quantification, designation and effectiveness compliance through internal and external performance reporting.




Helen Kane


San Jose, California


Privately Held

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FinTech Analyst Report

Primary Coverage on Treasury Technology can be found in Strategic Treasurer’s annually released FinTech Analyst Reports.  These definitive guides include the market case, historic functionality, and future developments of solutions across three categories:

  • Treasury & Risk Management Systems
  • Treasury Aggregators
  • Supply Chain Finance Solutions

Explore special coverage of Hedge Trackers’ company and solution set in the report below.

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