What Are the Major Benefits Provided by Treasury Aggregators?

by | Apr 11, 2017 | Analyst Report Series, Blogs, Series, Treasury Aggregators

Organizations using a Treasury Aggregator are typically able to realize several key benefits. These benefits include increased visibility, enhanced centralization, automation, and overall greater control over their payments, reporting, and cash management processes.

  • Increased Visibility: For Treasury, the implementation of a Treasury Aggregator often results in increased visibility across all their banks and accounts. One of the reasons for this stems from the ability of Treasury Aggregators to provide account information and balances in real-time, which gives treasury up-to-date and accurate information. Treasury Aggregators are generally able to deliver this information using a set of dashboards and interactive interface that allows for easy viewing and effective analysis of cash flows, balances, and positions. Visibility to accounts can be viewed across different banks, regions, currencies, and subsidiaries.
  • Centralization of Company-Wide Payment Processes: One of the major benefits realized through the provision of payment hub services provided by Aggregators is treasury’s ability to view transactions that are occurring across every department of their organization. In many firms, Treasury uses a payments system that is separate from other departments, which causes a delay or gap between payments from AP and payroll being sent and treasury being notified. With a payment hub, treasury can view the payment requests and transactions occurring throughout their entire organization in real-time, which improves their ability to conduct cash forecasting and liquidity management operations and also gives them enhanced accuracy with regards to cash positioning.
  • Enhanced Automation: Treasury Aggregators are able to increase the level of automation realized by organizations in their daily operations by providing streamlined and integrated workflows that use a single source of data. This is preferable, as it reduces the number of segmented processes that exist within treasury and allows for different functions to flow through one another, thus cutting down the level of manual intervention and labor required. For instance, a payment initiated by treasury that has been successfully delivered to a bank will automatically have a balance report generated for it, and the system will update the company’s cash position in real-time without requiring manual input.
  • Greater Control: As a result of the above benefits that Aggregators provide, a cumulative benefit is that treasury gains greater control over their processes as a whole. The increase in visibility ensures that errors and inefficiencies, as well as possible fraudulent activity, can be quickly identified and handled. The centralization of payment processes results in more effective management and control of liquidity and cash positioning, and also reduces the threat of payment fraud by cutting down on the number of company-wide payment systems and system access points. Finally, the automated processes provided through the use of Aggregators reduce the workload on treasury for performing mundane tasks and free up time to focus on other areas of operation. These automated processes also help reduce the number of errors that can occur through manual labor.


To learn about some of the different Treasury Aggregators available, download the 2016 Treasury Aggregator Analyst Report here.


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