What is the expected impact of the Ukraine conflict on treasury?

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Advise - Major Projects
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“There is value in understanding SECURE CLAMPS whatever role in an organization you play. Whether you are in finance, information technology (IT) or management they will help you and your company in several critical ways. First, SECURE CLAMPS will augment your overall control and security understanding as you can then apply its principles to whatever security framework you have. Second, organizing the various control steps and activities under these principles helps you comprehend why they are valuable.”

Craig Jeffery

Founder & Managing Partner, Strategic Treasurer

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Defending against fraud is an ongoing battle. Your defense has to be systematic, layered, consistent, and adaptable. You must know the points of exposure and weaknesses your organization has, the methods and types of attacks that are prevalent and evolving. 

We recommend SECURE CLAMPS, a cutting-edge security framework that if adhered to will help you keep criminals at bay, assist you build a robust defense to strengthen antifraud controls, mitigate risks, and combat the growing menace of frauds.


Speed Matters


Encryption & Control of Keys


Challenge & Verify


Update Continuously


Readiness & Response


Exact & Specific Accountability Management


Control & Dual Control




Awareness, Understanding & Testing




Principle of Least Privilege


Secure Removal & Deletion of Data

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