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Global Recovery Monitor - Dec 2

Crisis Response & Economic Recovery Survey

The Global Recovery Monitor provides rapid exploration and response reporting on major factors impacting treasury and finance organizations. This effort is supported by the Treasury Coalition which consists of leading solution providers leveraging their networks to ensure comprehensive results for the good of the profession.

We will release a new iteration of this micro-survey periodically along with the previous survey’s results so that together we can monitor the situation and best support our organizational responses.

Visit for ongoing surveys and results.

Analyst Report Webinar Series: Treasury & Risk Management Systems

Treasury & Risk Management Systems Webinar

Wednesday, January 20 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time

In this webinar, we give a comprehensive overview of the current TMS space, showing the place of a TMS in addressing the pain points of modern treasury departments, in business continuity planning and work-from-home environments, and its uses in preparing for and managing disruption and volatility. It will cover the uses of emerging technology in TMS offerings and will discuss leading practices and proper mindsets for avoiding pitfalls in making a business case, selecting, and implementing treasury technology.

Payment Fraud eBook - Strategic Treasurer & Coupa

Payment Fraud eBook

With fraud on the rise and payment processes scattered throughout different departments, a treasurer must function as the ‘superintendent’ of payment security, overseeing the policies, controls, and practices others are putting into action. This eBook is intended to help treasury understand and fill that role most effectively by covering the current situation, the threat levels of various types of fraud, common areas of vulnerability, and frameworks and tactics for constructing a solid defense. Download your copy today!

2020 Treasury Perspectives Survey Infographic

2020 Treasury Perspectives Infographic

With responses from over 300 treasury and finance professionals, Strategic Treasurer and TD Bank were able to gather data on views regarding the economy, technology, industry innovation, and regulation to better understand top challenges and opportunities in the marketplace. Download the 2020 Treasury Perspectives infographic for quick key insights from the survey report!

Our mission is to elevate & enhance the practice of treasury by advising individual clients & informing the industry at large.

Advising Our Clients.

All of our consultants have practical, hands-on experience in corporate treasury environments, having held various senior management and leadership roles in numerous industries. Being able to pull on this experience, our consultants have the ability to understand that solutions and advice must be unique and contextualized to fit your organization’s specific situation. They can walk you through a customized process from beginning to end and answer any questions you have along the way.

Informing the Industry.

Informing the industry is an integral part of what drives our mission. In order for the industry to advance and stay ahead of the chaos of the environment, professionals need to be aware of the leading practices that can help stabilize their companies. We aim to fill this hole by creating our own primary market research. Using this, we are able to give relevant and up-to-date information in our webinars, reports, and visual guides. We can help you fill any gaps you might have in your company.

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#131 – 2020 Treasury Perspectives Survey Implications

#131 – 2020 Treasury Perspectives Survey Implications

Host Craig Jeffery sits down with Tom Gregory, SVP and Head of Treasury Management Sales at TD Bank, to discuss the findings from the 2020 Treasury Perspectives survey. For the third year running, this annual study polls treasury and finance professionals on their views regarding the economy, technology, industry innovation, and regulation to better understand top challenges and opportunities in the marketplace.

29: What Is a Payment Hub?

29: What Is a Payment Hub?

What is a payment hub? Coffee Break Session Host Alexa Cook catches up with Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner of Strategic Treasurer, to discuss what treasurers need to know about payment hubs. They cover what payment hubs are, how they differ from other technologies, and some of the ways treasury can benefit from using them.

#130 – 2020 B2B Payments Survey Implications

#130 – 2020 B2B Payments Survey Implications

On this episode of the podcast, Host Craig Jeffery joins Brian Greehan, Senior Vice President of Channel and Network Success at Bottomline Technologies, to examine survey results around shifting technologies, strategies, and practices used by organizations across the Business-to-Business (B2B) payments landscape.

#129 – 2020 AFP Technology Panel Discussion

#129 – 2020 AFP Technology Panel Discussion

On this special episode on technology from the 2020 AFP Virtual Conference. Moderator Tom Gregory of TD Bank interviews Todd Yoder of Fluor Corporation, James Lock of J.P. Morgan Chase, Dr. Wolfgang Kalthoff of Coupa, and Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer on the value of new technology and its potential future place in treasury management.

#128 – 2020 Treasury in Review

#128 – 2020 Treasury in Review

Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner of Strategic Treasurer, give us the 2020 year in review. As the new year approaches, he discusses the implications of activities to combat the virus that wreaked havoc earlier in the year for most areas of the economy and cover some elements of recovery while looking ahead to 2021.