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Pricing Analysis

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Strategic Treasurer works with banks to determine the pricing models they should offer to their corporate clients. Banks want to offer competitive pricing to their clients while still maintaining a healthy margin so they can continue to develop and provide leading solutions. Understanding corporate expectations can bring bank pricing ranges in line with competitive flow.

Banks invest heavily in product development, security and controls, and relationship management in order to provide the best experiences for their customers. In a budget focused market, however, competitive pricing remains a key corporate driver in bank selection, so banks must maintain vigilance around their pricing models to keep their edge.

Bank Staff Training

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You hire great people who are great at sales. Most, however, have gaps in their knowledge about cash management and treasury, restricting their success. Our training courses are designed to be effective, engaging, and targeted. Your staff will understand and apply their training, and you’ll see the results in their client interactions.

Are your sales and relationship management staff the most trusted advisors of your top clients? You’d love to know that when your clients reach an impasse or need help, the first call is to your team, every time. How can you hope to reach that level of trust with a client when most of your team is only focused on the bank’s products and solutions?

Your sales officers must hire representatives who need a thorough understanding of what really drives your corporate and commercial treasury clients. Your key clients and prospects are very busy. Your bank probably extends them credit, so your sales team can usually get an audience out of their sense of obligation. This only provides a very limited window, and making that time count is top priority—moving the meeting from ‘obligation’ to engagement. Through excellent and unique training, you can empower your sales team with techniques to learn your treasury clients’ goals and identify what stands in their way. They will present meaningful solutions to clients, or at least have an educated conversation—the first step down a path to a solution and a deeper relationship.

A meaningful sales process will move you from the banker who pops in every few months to a trusted advisor. Strategic Treasurer’s senior consultants provide a unique, two-track training system to help you develop this process. As former practitioners, bankers, and consultants, they offer unique insights that only a 360º perspective can afford. How are you going to reach your aggressive new goals each year?


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Sometimes your team makes a sale, but it seems like the implementation never starts, and therefore the expected revenue never materializes. Strategic Treasurer can work on your client’s behalf to get a stagnant process moving.

Your client onboarding group is ready to help and does help in any and every way they can. However, the client has other obligations, numerous activities, and ample distractions. Dates keep slipping and goals are not met although reasons are given. Too much time is spent chasing, chasing, and chasing…

In other instances, the implementation process may begin, but the services are under-implemented, left at only 50–75% of the expected level. The client declares a project to be complete when it is only partially implemented. The client is exhausted and has three other fires and two other projects that need work as well. This delays the project and lowers their satisfaction level.

As a result of all these delays, your team experiences loss across many spectrums—less revenue than was expected comes in; revenue is also lost as dates continue to slip and resources are required to pour more of their time into the project. All this adds up to an overall loss of profit for the bank.

Our team of experienced onboarders and implementers can help. We can meet with your client and help to establish a reasonable plan, distributing the work that needs to be accomplished on the client side between their team and ours. Oftentimes, with a little bit of background information, our team can complete many tasks and get things moving rapidly. You’ll quickly find your time to revenue decreased when partnering with our team.

Partnership Opportunities


Strategic Treasurer hosts multiple webinar presentations annually, each addressing key areas of compliance, finance, or treasury. Webinars provide attendees with up-to-date, accurate information on the addressed topic, as well as key findings from surveys, analyst reports, and projects. Typically, webinars are co-hosted by solutions providers, who are able to provide additional insight and content from an alternate viewpoint. Webinars also provide the opportunity for attendees to earn free CTP credits.



Strategic Treasurer provides quality primary market research through our annual surveys. These surveys are distributed for participation to our active contacts—all treasury and finance professionals. The results are calibrated and released in our survey results reports and webinars. This research provides a solid foundation from which we can advise. Practitioners are able to see how their firms align in comparison to others, which can be helpful in determining if your organization is on track, ahead of the curve, or lagging in a particular area.


Strategic Treasurer releases one or more podcast episodes every week covering hot treasury topics, the latest data, fraud and security, and much more. These episodes provide our audience with insights and news from treasury and finance industry leaders in the car, at the gym, or wherever they decide to tune in! Many episodes have CTP credits available after a short quiz is taken and passed. Our podcast is listened to in over 130 countries and counting.

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Webinars + CTP Credits

Highly valuable insights into the hottest topics in treasury.

Podcast + CTP Credits

Listen to industry leaders discuss the latest topics in treasury.

Webinar: Top 5 Actions to Improve Cash Application and Forecasting | December 8

Webinar: Top 5 Actions to Improve Cash Application and Forecasting | December 8

‘No man is an island,’ said John Donne. Cash application and cash forecasting are also connected in important ways. This session will cover five of the top actions companies should take to improve their cash application process and rates and tighten up their forecasting activities and accuracy. Slow cash application and low auto-assign and auto-apply rates negatively impact efficiency standards and month-end working capital metrics. They also impede accurate cash forecasting. Both efficiency in cash application and prioritization of cash forecasting have been top goals of AR groups and treasury teams for over five years. Listen in for some key steps that you can take to up your financial game in these areas.

Webinar: Principles and Options for Bank Fee Management | November 17

Webinar: Principles and Options for Bank Fee Management | November 17

Managing bank fees through active monitoring of your analysis statements is typically on the to-do list but it rarely gets checked off as complete. Perhaps you are putting out a myriad of fires and the idea of getting out a magnifying glass to manually dig into your bank invoices is less than appealing. Is that something your team should even be doing? In this session we will help you understand the practical, operational, and strategic elements of effectively managing bank relationships and handling the mundane and vital process of managing expenses. This session will include a brief case study covering a multi-national corporation’s review of global bank fees and strategic ongoing management of their bank relationships. Corporate practitioner takeaways will include: 1) ways to architect your bank fee management process and 2) benefits of bank fee analysis and benchmarking.

Webinar: Stages of Cash Forecasting: Improving the Process, Tightening Your Accuracy | November 8

Webinar: Stages of Cash Forecasting: Improving the Process, Tightening Your Accuracy | November 8

Forecasting cash flows has been one of the top two priorities for treasury groups for nearly 10 years. During disruptive times, it becomes even more important. Managements expects greater accuracy and more “scenarios,” yet many treasury groups are providing less than the admitted “minimum standards.” What can be done? What should be done? This session will outline the stages of cash forecasting and the foundational elements required to reach each stage – and the next level. Access to data and powerful new tools must be combined with a broader understanding of forecasting to optimize your forecasting process and accuracy.

Webinar: Building a 360-Degree Treasury: Payments and Bank Information | November 3

Webinar: Building a 360-Degree Treasury: Payments and Bank Information | November 3

Every treasury group needs to know where its cash is, wherever in the world that may be. That includes all locations, not just primary banks. This is the first step in building an effective cash forecast. However, payment processes for many companies are highly fragmented, and it’s surprisingly rare for any organization to have the level of visibility it needs. Poor payment workflows, security, compliance, and sanctions make it all the more difficult. Join us on this webinar to learn how you can automate your payments processes and improve connectivity to reduce costs and provide the transparency you need for effective cash management.

Webinar: The Future of Supply Chain Finance | November 10

Webinar: The Future of Supply Chain Finance | November 10

Supply chain finance (SCF) can power a win-win for buyer and supplier, helping to strengthen and support vital supply chains while still protecting the buyer’s liquidity. While forms of SCF have existed for a long time, the landscape is changing as modern technologies intersect today’s needs. This webinar will dive deep into the future of SCF, covering areas such as the following:
-Volatility and interest rates
-Networks, AI, and other technologies impacting SCF
-Supplier relationships and participation
-Foundational elements for selecting an SCF provider
-SCF trends to expect in 2023

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