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Strategic Treasurer puts out a mix of visual guides, focusing on eBooks and white papers. While white papers are more formal in approach, both provide a concise view of a specific topic.
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2017 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey Results Report

Tax & Treasury: Managing Tax Liability via Tax Equity Investments & Tax Credits

This comprehensive visual guide will walk you through the landscape of tax credits and tax equity investments.  You’ll learn how corporate treasury can play a pivotal role in supporting their tax department by introducing and stewarding the utilization of these unique assets. Learn more in the eBook.

2017 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey Results Report

With Greater Payments Complexity Comes the Need for Efficiency

Today, the ability to quickly & accurately exchange information between parties isn’t optional; it’s a vital necessity. Download this eBook for more info!

2017 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey Results Report

Leading Practices for Treasury in the Financial Supply Chain

Treasury is charged with acting as a careful steward over a range of financial liquidity requirements, operational performance goals, and protection of the organization’s most liquid assets. Learn more in the eBook.

2017 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey Results Report

Running Corporate Treasury in an Environment of Elevated Risks

The risk environment faced by organizations is diverse and significant. These elevated and continually increasing expectations placed on treasury must be addressed.

White Papers

2017 Cash Forecasting & Visibility Survey

Treasury’s Role in Transforming Accounts Payable Into a Profit Center

Due to the moniker, “cost center,” Accounts Payable (A/P) is rarely funded at a level that matches other finance areas. Treasury typically owns working capital and needs to help drive and support the right type of organizational emphasis on A/P View this white paper for more info!