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We continually survey the market of technology vendors and financial service providers allowing us to expertly narrow the list of qualified candidates for each client’s specific needs.

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At Strategic Treasurer, we have the most relevant and current information by meeting with bankers and technology providers 50-75 times per year independent from client projects.  This learning is unmatched on a concentrated and absolute level.

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Research and assessment of the treasury market has been conducted by Strategic Treasurer through numerous surveys of corporate practitioners and bankers, along with an in depth analysis of corporations currently undergoing updates and enhancements to their technology stack. Through those efforts we have discovered both a significant need from treasury professionals and a significant opportunity for leading solution providers.

Market Solution Need

Large & Growing

Market Intent-to-Buy

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Market Awareness

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Marketing Opportunities

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Survey Question: “We intend to make significant information technology investments in the next year in the following areas: (Select all that apply)”

  • Treasury – 38%
  • Payments – 36%
  • Cash Forecasting – 33%
  • Cash Reporting – 26%
  • Invoicing – 14%
  • SCF – 10%

Data for the above chart taken from the 2018 Strategic Treasurer & Bottomline Technologies Cash Forecasting & Visibility Survey


Add your unique insight to educate the treasury field.


Update the market on your treasury technology solutions.

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Brings in-depth understanding of your product capabilities and development to 20,000+ relevant financial professionals.

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An opportunity to interact with a highly qualified, professional, and engaged audience on a topic of your choice with 330+ average participation.

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Widely distributed and heavily valued newsletters reaching 20,000+ viewership comprised of corporate practitioners and bankers.

Marketing Opportunities

Analyst Reports
Our annually produced Analyst Report Series provides a full picture of the leading technology providers in the treasury market.  These reports fill gaps in the technology analyst space by independently assessing relevant technology solutions and providing an enriched, in-depth look at both product and company-level qualifications.  Corporate practitioners benefit by seeing a full range of quality vendors as they look for the right project fit. Learn more here.
Webinar Packages
Strategic Treasurer hosts multiple webinar presentations annually, each addressing areas of compliance, finance, or treasury.  Webinars provide attendees with accurate, up-to-date information on key topics as well as findings from surveys and analyst reports.  They are typically co-hosted by technology providers who are able to provide additional insight from their unique viewpoints.  All provide the opportunity to earn free CTP and FP&A credits for attendees. See past examples here.
Industry Surveys
We provide primary market research through 9 annual treasury-related surveys.  The results are calibrated meticulously and released in our survey results webinars and, upon request, specific data sets are available for market analysis efforts.  Practitioners are able to see how their firms align in comparison to others, which helps you determine if your organization is on track, ahead of the curve, or lagging in a particular area. Take a look at past and present surveys here.
Treasury Newsletter
Treasury Update, our new quarterly produced digital industry newsletter, is a resource for treasury professionals. Building off our previous bi-annual hard copy, this exists to help raise awareness of key treasury items, issues, and events as well as to highlight leading practices and advanced strategies that enable treasury professionals and their organizations to be more effective, efficient, and resilient in the face of an ever changing, fraud-filled, and often turbulent financial environment. See old copies and sign-up here.

Analyst Report

Treasury Update
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Highly valuable insights into the hottest topics in treasury.

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Strategic Treasurer Exhibits at 2019 AFP Conference in Boston

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#65 – FAQ’s in Treasury Round #4: Payment Hubs and Treasury Aggregators

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#64 – Seismic Shifts in Corporate Treasury Series: Open Treasury

#64 – Seismic Shifts in Corporate Treasury Series: Open Treasury

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#63 – Becoming a Treasurer, Part 7: Adaptation and Overcoming Blind Spots

#63 – Becoming a Treasurer, Part 7: Adaptation and Overcoming Blind Spots

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TMS Toolkit Series

TMS Toolkit Series

Your organization is past due for a treasury management system overhaul, but one question remains: are you prepared to take on a technology remodel that affects company operations and global commerce everyday? Before tackling this critical business renovation, be sure the tools you need are at your fingertips.