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Session 106

What Are Credit Agreements?

In today’s podcast, we’ll hear from Paul Galloway, Senior Director, Advisory Services at Strategic Treasurer, on credit agreements. What are they? What terms are typically negotiated? What are positive and negative covenants? Listen in to learn more.


Jonathan Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer

Jason Campbell
Strategic Treasurer


Paul Galloway, Strategic Treasurer

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Strategic Treasurer
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Liquidity Risk Survey Report The 2023 Liquidity Risk survey, presented with Allspring, polled treasury and finance practitioners on how they are evaluating current liquidity risk mitigation processes. We asked questions on macroeconomic changes and new regulations as they impact treasury. As one of our oldest running surveys, we are able to provide valuable year-over-year data that shows major and minor shifts in corporate risk mitigation strategies and predict future trends.

Episode 186 - Treasury Update Podcast
Coffee Break Sessions – A Treasury Update Podcast Series A part of the Treasury Update Podcast, Coffee Break Sessions are 6-12 minute bite-size episodes covering foundational topics and core treasury issues in about the same amount of time it takes you to drink your coffee. The show episodes are released every first and third Thursday of the month with Host Jonathan Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer.