Last year was the second consecutive year of Strategic Treasurer’s FinTech HotSeat program. We’re pleased to announce that we’re bringing this to Chicago for AFP 2018! Below, you can take a look at how last year’s went, as well as get more information. If you’re interested in being a part of this at AFP, please contact

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2018 Session Schedule:


November 5, 2018

9:40 am

Does Your Treasury Technology Fit?

Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer & Jamie Florio of Bottomline Technologies

10:10 am

Better Cash Management with Netting

Melody Hart of Strategic Treasurer & Lena Pennington of BELLIN

12:00 pm

Digital Banking: Transforming the Corporate Experience

Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer & Phil Beck of Capital One

12:30 pm

TMS Selection: Revisiting the RFP Paradigm

Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer & Michael Kolman of Ion Treasury

3:10 pm

Treasury Perspectives: Leveraging Technology

Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer & Rick Burke and Bob Gale of TD Bank

4:10 pm

The Future of Treasury

Stephanie Villatoro of Strategic Treasurer & Bob Stark of Kyriba


November 6, 2018

9:40 am

Why Modern Treasury Technology Matters

Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer & Alok Tyagi of GTreasury

10:10 am

The Right Way to Manage a Hedging Program

Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer & David Pierce of GPS Capital Markets

12:00 pm

Next Generation Banking Services

Kevin Peak of Strategic Treasurer & Robert Mancini of Finastra

12:30 pm

A.I. & Big Data Disrupting Cash Forecasting

Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer & Ncolas Christiaen and Mark O’Toole of Cashforce

1:00 pm

Transforming Mid-Market Treasury

Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer & Anis Rahal and Thomas Leitch of TreasuryXpress

1:30 pm

Simplifying the Client Business Experience

Join Debbi Denison of Strategic Treasurer & Glen Solimine and Kevin Heins of JP Morgan

Watch the 2017 FinTech HotSeat Sessions

The Advantages of Open APIs

The future of payments is knocking: Open APIs, social media, ISO2022 messaging, and immediate payments are discussed in this video with Raina Petrova of United Bank and Anoop Basavarajaiah of Finastra.


Customer Security Program and Fraud with SWIFT

What is CSP? What was the impetus to the new security mandates? Mike Vigue and Dave Allen from Bottomline Technologies explain the ins and outs of the new SWIFT protocols and give tips for how to stop fraud before it leaves your organization.



The Reasons Behind the SWIFT Customer Security Programme

Every counter-party has a certain risk-tolerance. Do you meet their criteria? Kevin O’Neil talks through how the SWIFT security controls can benefit you.


Payments Complexity

The world of payments can be complex. Simon Kaufmann from Fides breaks it down and talks through key topics such as ISO2022, APIs, TMS, and more.


Big Data Analytics & AI

Are robots going to take over your job? How can silos of data be broken down so that treasury can increase risk management? Join Craig Jeffery and Mark O’Toole as they discuss big data and artificial intelligence and what their application means for the future of treasury.


Cash Forecasting, Statements, & Sanction Filtering

Warren Davey talks multi-factor authentication, the impact of rising interest rates, and paper (yes, paper) at the annual AFP Conference in San Diego, CA.


Fraud & Cyber Crime Prevention

Your creative password may not be enough to keep fraudsters out of your accounts. Bob Stark from Kyriba talks us through the inconsistencies that can lead to payment fraud and gives tips on how to keep your company secure.


On Demand Treasury

This episode of the FinTech HotSeat was filmed live at the annual AFP Conference in San Diego, CA.


Cybersecurity & BI for Payments with Giancarlo

What is cybersecurity? What constitutes a security strategy? Giancarlo Laudini from TIS gives 5 key points to help companies begin formulating their protection plan.


Empowering Treasurers with Royston Da Costa

Treasurers have a wide range of responsibilities, and developments in technology are consistently impacting their work. Listen in as Royston Da Costa from The Ferguson Group speaks on topics such as GDPR, cloud-based solutions to cybercrime, treasury management systems, and



Treasury Perspectives

Ever wondered, “What is everybody else doing?” The Treasury Perspectives Survey can answer by providing market research on a number of key issues such as credit access in a rising rate environment and the impact of natural disasters on business strategy.


Value of Configurability for Treasury Solutions

Chris Matthews from Orbit talks through treasury trends in the marketplace and how to gain the most optimally efficient workflow process.


Watch the 2016 FinTech HotSeat Sessions

Compliance: Section 385

Watch Melody Hart of Strategic Treasurer and Ryan Heaslip of Reval as they discuss Section 385.


FBAR Compliance

Watch Melody Hart of Strategic Treasurer and Mohan Murali of Axletree as they discuss FBAR.



Merger Update

Watch Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer and Justin Brimfield of Reval as they discuss the merger that’s happening with Ion and Reval.


Payment Developments: Blockchain

Watch Debbi Denison of Strategic Treasurer and Gene Neyer of D+H as they discuss the developments in Blockchain.


Self-Serve Treasury

Watch Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer and Thomas Leitch and Anis Rahal of TreasuryXpress as they discuss the benefits of self serve treasury.



FIS: Views of Treasury and the Acquisition: 1 Year On

Watch Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer and Bent Benjaminsen of FIS as they discuss the recent merger of Sungard and FIS and how it affects both companies moving forward.



Cyber Security: Protecting High Priority Data

Watch Stephanie Villatoro of Strategic Treasurer and Mark Cuneo as they discuss methods and solutions to protect your high-level data.


Global Payments

Watch Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer and Boris Boskovic of Fides as they discuss the most important results of the 2016 Global Payments Survey.


Load Balanced Treasury

Watch Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer and Hugh Russell of BELLIN as they discuss BELLIN’s Load Balanced Treasury system.


Payment Developments: SWIFT's GPI

Watch Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer and Stacy Rosenthal of SWIFT as they discuss SWIFT’s latest release.


Treasury Security: Approach & Framework

Watch Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer and Art Lorenz of Hunter Douglas as they discuss overall treasury security.



Visibility & Payments

Watch Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer and Jörg Wiemer of TIS as they discuss how visibility affects payments.

The End Game of Dashboards

Watch Craig Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer, and Alf Newlin, Financial Sciences, discussing technology use & how that applies to dashboards.


Treasury Security: Interior

Watch Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer and Dave Allen and David Levine of Bottomline Technologies as they discuss treasury security.



Payment Aggregation

Watch Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer and Bob Stark of Kyriba as they discuss how to best manage all of the payments your company handles.


Risk Visualization / Commodity Risk & FX Risk

Watch Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer and Mark O’Toole of Openlink as they discuss risk visualization and different risks.


Trends in Supply Chain Finance

Watch Debbi Denison of Strategic Treasurer and Alan Cohen of SAP Ariba/Discover as they discuss trends in Supply Chain Finance.


Working Capital Management

Watch Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer and Steve Bullock of Hanse Orga as they discuss working capital management.


But what if I'm not going to AFP??

What even is FinTech HotSeat? And why should I care?

We’ll be recording all the sessions during the conference and they will be posted following the conference.

For future uses, FinTech HotSeat is the new hottest thing in the industry. Each 10-15 minute video serves a multitude of purposes. They stand to help vendors overcome common objections and corporates answer questions. Additionally, each video can be crafted to showcase you and your company in the best light.

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