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Our LinkedIn Treasury Groups


Treasurers and other treasury professionals are invited to join Strategic Treasurer’s “Treasury” group. Our focus is to connect treasury professionals and promote discussions concerning, International Treasury, Pooling, Netting, Debt, Investment, Counterparty, Risk Management, Hedging, Hedge Accounting, Foreign Exchange, FX, Cash Management, and Treasury Management. Your input, discussion, and comments are encouraged.

Treasury Security

Treasury fraud has escalated dramatically to the point that crime has been paying. With this new economic reality, treasury groups must be both prepared and vigilant. This group will focus on emerging trends, breaking fraud news and discussing leading practices in treasury security. This includes: perimeter, interior, system, access, personnel, structural, monitoring and response elements. We will share information from Strategic Treasurer’s annual Treasury Fraud & Controls survey here

Working Capital & Supply Chain Finance

Treasury professionals, bankers, and vendors are invited to join Strategic Treasurer’s “Working Capital & Supply Chain Finance” group. Our focus is on such topics related to Optimizing Working Capital and developments in Supply Chain Finance as measuring working capital and liquidity; supply chain opportunities, services, and developments; impact of electronification on working capital; working capital / SCF technology; and A/R technology and A/P management.

Treasury & Risk Technology

Corporates, Bankers, and Vendors are invited to join Strategic Treasurer’s “Treasury & Risk Technology” group. Our focus is on select technologies including bank technologies, treasury workstations, risk management / hedging, bank account management, SWIFT Corporate Access, reconciliation, etc. (Recruiters restricted to the job area.)

Treasury Compliance: FBAR & Section 385

Here you can discuss the different compliance regulations that currently exist. While there is a focus on Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR) and Section 385, this group is the place for any discussions on compliance. Hosted by Strategic Treasurer, consultants in Treasury.

Treasury Non-Profit

Treasury Practitioners in the Non-Profit/Not-for-Profit space and related service providers (i.e., banks and relevant technology providers) are invited to join Strategic Treasurer’s “Treasury Non-Profit” group. Our focus is on critical responsibilities and unique drivers/environments treasury professionals at non-profit organizations (charities, ministries, etc.) face every day. Topics will include: cash management, treasury technology, treasury leadership, bank relationships, stewardship, risk management, data consolidation, BAM, SWIFT.etc.

Treasury Government

Treasury Practitioners in the government space and related service providers (i.e., banks and relevant technology providers) are invited to join Strategic Treasurer’s “Government Treasury” group. Our focus is on the critical responsibility for treasury in governments. Your input, discussion, and comments are encouraged. Strategic Treasurer, a treasury consulting firm, has been extremely successful in working with the unique Treasury groups of medium to large government entities.

Financial Risk

Risk is a group for treasurers, CFOs, risk managers to discuss and share various ideas and topics on traditional and emerging risk issues. The focus is on financial risk (not GRC) and operational risk (in finance). Join and share your ideas, comments and resources.

Treasury Resiliency

Treasurers and other treasury professionals are invited to join Strategic Treasurer’s “Treasury Resiliency” group. This group connects treasury professionals seeking to create more resilient treasury organizations which are capable of withstanding incidents from counter-party failure to natural disasters. Our focus is on such topics as strategy, relationships, plans, credit, and technology.

Treasury Payments

Treasurers and other treasury professionals are invited to join Strategic Treasurer’s “Treasury Payments” group. This group exists to discuss the changing landscape of payments and the many different facets of payments. From faster payments to Accounts Payable, we hope to hear your insight on payments.

Certified Treasury Professionals (CTP) - Free Credit Opportunities

This group is for CTPs who are looking for ways to earn (free) CTP recertification credits. From webinars, podcast episodes, and events, this group will be updated with the latest live and on-demand opportunities for recertification credits approved by AFP (Association for Financial Professionals).

Our Senior Advisor Profiles

Craig Jeffery

Craig Jeffery

Managing Partner

Craig Jeffery formed Strategic Treasurer LLC in 2004 to provide corporate, educational, and government entities direct access to comprehensive and current assistance with their treasury and financial process needs. His 20+ years of financial and treasury experience as a practitioner and as a consultant have uniquely qualified him to help organizations craft realistic goals and achieve significant benefits quickly. He is primarily responsible for relationship management and ensuring total client satisfaction on all projects.
Debbi Denison

Debbi Denison

Senior Advisor

Debbi Denison has 20+ years of Global Cash Management, Finance and Treasury experience with global, multi-national and Fortune 500 corporations. Experience managing both domestic and international treasury operations, banking relationships and services, order-to-cash, order-to-pay and integration of third party service providers. Industry experience includes utility, airline, consumer products and pharmaceuticals. She is one of the firm’s primary trainers at client and industry events covering a range of executive and operational topics.
Melody Hart

Melody Hart

Senior Advisor

Melody Hart is a dynamic, passionate leader/resource for financial business success with global experience in consumer products, automotive, wholesale, retail, distribution, manufacturing, and service/consulting.  Consistently recognized as an expert in streamlining processes, instituting controls and policy, developing and implementing internal controls and compliance systems, evaluating credit and liquidity needs, negotiating favorable credit terms as well as managing diverse and complex financial systems and processes.
Paul Galloway

Paul Galloway

Senior Advisor

Paul Galloway has extensive experience in investment research and decision making, complex modeling, and risk management, he is known for leading teams of professionals, providing solutions to complex problems, building relationships with business leaders, and coming alongside others to help them achieve their goals. Paul earned a BS in Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences from Iowa State University, followed by an MBA, Finance from the University of Iowa. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Persian Gulf War veteran, United States Marine Corps.