Treasury Benchmarking

Strategic Treasurer's benchmarking team consists of highly experienced analysts and content creators familiar with the industry.
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Reasons Why Benchmarking is Tough


Limited Scope


Inability to Self-assess

Inefficient Use of Time

…and many other challenges you can face when you try to benchmark on your own

Each of these causes a serious roadblock and can either prevent your team from benchmarking at all or even pursuing the wrong decision.

Strategic Treasurer’s Benchmarking team can assess your current processes, structure, and policies related to Security, Compliance, Technology, Payments and Treasury Operations. Benchmarking reports will score and summarize each category, as well as giving examples of how others are achieving world-class. Learn more below!

How Can We Help?


In-Depth Comparisons

By aggregating thousands of entries of current, historical, and minutely detailed data to develop a high-level working document, you can rest assured that you are getting almost all the information you could ever want.

Global Insights

Strategic Treasurer has gathered years of data from a multitude of companies located around the world. With data on almost every industry, we’ll be able to provide a complete picture of what your competitors are doing. Because of this, our team of analysts can point out past trends and forecast the future of treasury all while keeping it relevant to you and your team.

Expert Analysis

Strategic Treasurer’s Benchmarking program is supported by experienced data analysts familiar with treasury trends giving you the opportunity to make better, faster decisions to guide your organization.

Detail-Oriented Reports

Each custom-made report addresses the needs of everyone in your organization. The summary, developed specifically for upper management, will include broad information aimed to identify areas of concern within your organization. The remainder of the report will include categorical scores, comparisons to leading practice and world class, and recommendations to reach that level of success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

"What is Benchmarking?"

Benchmarking is comparing an organization’s processes or performance to industry best practices and the processes of other companies. It has become a standard for almost all companies in today’s economy. Additionally, it can help inform your decisions, both big and small.

"Why should we use Strategic Treasurer?"

Typically benchmarking compares your organization to one or two other organizations in your industry. Sometimes they’re not even organizations you compete with. By utilizing Strategic Treasurer’s benchmarking reports, you will have access to high level comparisons against organizations throughout the world. You can choose outputs to include others in the same industry or of approximately the same size. We can even do both of these! This way you can always guarantee that you are working towards the top of your competitors and putting your best foot forward.

"What is the benefit of including many organizations in the benchmarking report?"

Instead of comparing your organization specifically to one successful company, you will have a broader perspective on how you’re performing compared to others. Every organization has room to improve, but we believe the best way to improve overall is to identify and acknowledge the areas you are excelling as well as the area you can do better.

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