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Episode 49 – Treasury Success in Today’s World: Relationships & Technology

On this episode of The Treasury Update Podcast, Craig Jeffery speaks with Ernie Humphrey, CEO of Treasury Webinars, about treasury success in today’s rapidly shifting financial world. Focusing on both relationships and technology, they explore evolving treasury roles and key success factors essential to the modern industry professional. Listen in to find out more.

Episode 48 – Transforming Treasury: A Dose of Realism

How do treasurers effectively drive change across an organization? On this episode of the podcast, Craig Jeffery talks with Todd Picken, Treasurer at MassMutual to discuss the joys and opportunities of treasury transformation and how both need to be tempered with a dose of reality. From treasury operations to customer experience, they share valuable insights to help navigate real change across treasury environments. Topics of discussion center around achieving success through paying for transformation, moving the culture forward and getting technology to work. Listen in to find out more.

Episode 47 – Owning the Cash Conversion Cycle: Relationships & Technology

On this episode of the podcast, Craig Jeffery speaks with Ernie Humphrey, CEO of Treasury Webinars on the topic of owning the Cash Conversion Cycle. With a focus on both relationships and technology, they explore how treasury, accounts payable and accounts receivable can best partner to optimize the cash convergence cycle and align KPI’s to support the overall success of organizations. Listen in to the discussion to find out more.

Episode 46 – Global Payments: Massive Changes

Global payments are presenting organizations with new challenges and opportunities. On this episode of the podcast, Craig Jeffery engages with Bob Stark, VP of Strategy at Kyriba on the massive changes underway in payments. They collaborate on financial strategies, technology changes, new tools and other key factors that are driving significant payment changes on a global scale. Listen in to the discussion.

Episode 45 – Becoming a Treasurer: Part 5 – How to Develop a Team

What should a Treasurer think about when putting together a dynamic team? On this must-listen episode of the Becoming a Treasurer series, Craig Jeffery shares team building tips you shouldn’t miss. Whether you’re building a team or revitalizing an existing one, his valuable insights into handling each scenario, as well as well as any differences arising from an organization’s culture, category or complexity—will ensure you find the right people with the optimal skill sets to effectively support your treasury goals. Listen in to learn more.

Episode 44 – Global Trends in Treasury Talent

Curious about treasury talent trends and how they may impact your career? On this episode of The Treasury Update Podcast, Craig Jeffery interviews Treasury Talent Founder and Director Simon Lynch on shifting landscapes across the industry on a global scale. Topics of discussion cover the rise of treasury roles among non-bank lenders, the executive demand for relational soft skills in a data-driven world, and the predictions you need for a successful future in treasury. Listen in to find out more.

Episode 43 – Bank Fee Management

Does managing bank fees seem like a daunting endeavor? On this episode of the podcast, Managing Partner Craig Jeffery sits down with Senior Treasury Consultant Stephanie Villatoro to discuss the necessity of regular management review, the importance of fee differentiation, and the value of market awareness on both an international and domestic level. Listen in to find out how to maintain proper bank fee oversight.

Episode 42 – Key Factors of Forecasting Success

Nearly all organizations are keenly focused on forecasting. For well over a decade, it has been a top priority for companies. And, they spend far too much time working on their forecast. They run into a variety of pitfalls which impact their forecasting ability, accuracy, and value. Craig Jeffery talks with Mike Zack of GTreasury on the key factors of forecasting success. With a step-by-step approach, they discuss how to systematize your forecast, avoid pitfalls, enhance global visibility and maybe even reduce fraud losses. Listen in to find out how you can better position your organization for success.

Episode 41 – The Future of Treasury Talent

How is the future of treasury talent changing? Craig Jeffery sits down with Mike Richards of The Treasury Recruitment Company to discuss the future of treasury talent and what it takes to have a successful career path. From personal branding techniques to goal-setting, they explore what treasury professionals need to know to stay visible and marketable today. Listen in to find out how you can take your career to the next level.

Episode 40 – 2019 Outlook: Q2 Corporate Investment Outlook

On this episode of the 2019 Outlook series, Craig Jeffery sits down with Executive Director Bob Leggett and Senior Portfolio Manager Mike Cha of Morgan Stanley to discuss the 2019 Q2 corporate investment outlook. They take a deeper look at the major shifts in short-term investing, the use of various instruments, and a number of macro shifts continuing to take place this year and beyond. Listen in to the discussion.

Episode 39 – Becoming a Treasurer: Part 4 – How to Communicate Effectively

How can treasurers communicate effectively? On this episode of the Becoming a Treasurer series, Craig Jeffery covers key principles to help treasurers navigate internal and external communication challenges. From working with CFO’s to banks, he shares a practical view on having a clear purpose in your communication that will help drive decisions and achieve overall success within your organization.

Episode 38 – The Impact of Fraud on Treasury Practices

On this episode of the podcast, Craig Jeffery sits down with Royston Da Costa, Assistant Group Treasurer at Ferguson PLC to discuss the topic of the impact of fraud on treasury practices. This insightful interview covers the biggest challenges on cyber fraud today, treasury’s responsibility to protect, and the leading practices to safeguard corporates and banks from an array of vital threats. Listen in on the discussion.

Episode 37 – How to Modernize Treasury Practices

Although technology automation is being touted as the next pivotal step for treasury groups to maximize efficiency, such initiatives only work if the proper internal structure and workflows are established prior to implementation. On this episode of the podcast, Craig Jeffery sits down with Lee-Ann Perkins, Assistant Treasurer of ION Geophysical to discuss how to modernize treasury operations from a decentralized and manual treasury structure to a centralized and automated structure as experienced working for a global geoscience company. Listen in as they explore enhanced treasury solutions.

Episode 36 – Diving into Data, Part 2: Mobile Banking, Treasury Compliance, & Financial Technology Spend

On this second episode of Diving into Data, Isaac Zaubi and Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer examine an additional round of key findings uncovered through the company’s 2018 industry surveys. Topics of discussion center on how corporate preferences and uses of mobile banking apps have shifted over time, what areas of compliance treasurers are most concerned about heading into 2019, and where elevated spend in financial technology is projected to occur over the course of the next year. Listen in on the discussion.

Episode 35 – 2019 Outlook Series: Supply Chain Finance Outlook

On this episode of the 2019 Outlook series, Craig Jeffery speaks with CEO and President Cedric Bru of Taulia on the continued evolution of supply chain finance. Growing awareness of and access to SCF technology has democratized financing options such that even small organizations can now benefit from the network effect of these tools. Cedric shares insights into Taulia’s global expansion as well as his take on how companies can manage working capital and optimize cashflow. Listen in to discover what organizations need to know about SCF in 2019.

Episode 34 – 2019 Outlook Series: Treasury Management & Technology Outlook *CTP Credits Available

On this episode of the 2019 Outlook series, Craig Jeffery sits down with Paul Higdon, Co-CTO, and Michael Kolman, Head of Business Development, of ION Treasury to discuss their expectations for 2019. Paul and Mike provide insight on the reemergence of money market funds, LIBOR, the rise of open banking, predictive technology and machine learning, while explaining their notable significance from a treasury management perspective. Why should treasurers be aware of these topics and what will be their impact on their organization? Listen in to find out.

Episode 33 – A Movement Towards Equilibrium: The Situation of Treasury Fraud & Controls *CTP Credits Available

In 2019, treasurers are feeling more secure and able to defend their organization against fraud, but fraud still exists. Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer sits down with Chris Gerda, Risk and Fraud Prevention Officer and James Richardson, Head of Market Development of Bottomline Technologies to discuss the 2019 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey Results. They describe how making and receiving secure payments should and should not look, along with other ways some need to step up and take action to prevent fraudulent behavior occurring in their organization. Listen in to their discussion.

Episode 32 – 2019 Outlook Series: Maximizing the Speed of Treasury *CTP Credits Available

How can treasurers maximize the speed of treasury in 2019 and beyond? On this episode of the 2019 Outlook series, Craig Jeffery interviews Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Tom Leitch of TreasuryXpress on new methodologies and treasury systems that will increase speed dramatically, improve efficiencies, and scalability.  Listen in as they discuss real-life examples on how treasurers can remove friction and accelerate the speed of treasury.

Episode 31 – A Digital Strategy for Treasury

On this episode of the podcast, Craig Jeffery sits down with Royston Da Costa, Assistant Group Treasurer at Ferguson PLC, to discuss the background of digital challenges facing treasury today. They provide valuable insights on how treasurers can harness potential technology to capture the data within their companies and groups to evaluate the forecast they desire more effectively. Listen in as they advise on a digital strategy for treasury.

Episode 30 – Diving into Data, Part 1: Cash Forecasting, Treasury Technology, & Fraud CTP Credits Available

On this episode of The Treasury Update Podcast, Isaac Zaubi sits down with Craig Jeffery to analyze and discuss some of the key findings obtained through Strategic Treasurer’s 2018 industry surveys. Topics of discussion include the challenges associated with cash forecasting, trends related to treasury technology use, and how corporate fraud experiences differ according to company size. Listen in on the discussion.

Episode 29 – 2019 Outlook Series: Global FX Outlook CTP Credits Available

On this episode of the 2019 Outlook series, Craig Jeffery sits down with David Pierce, Managing Director of Global Hedging Products at GPS Capital Markets, who has appeared on CNBC to discuss the impact of foreign exchange exposures on the US economy and worldwide.  Listen in as they share valuable insights into macro-trends and developments taking place for the coming year.

Episode 28 – Becoming a Treasurer: Part 3 – What Do I Measure? CTP Credits Available

You can only keep your eyes on so many things. What do you need to focus on for operational activities, macroeconomic changes, and treasury projects you are driving? For optimal vision, we need depth perception.  And, for depth perception to be acute, we need measurements.  On this episode of the Becoming a Treasurer series, Craig Jeffery is interviewed by Meredith Zonsius on various types of measurements and standards while starting to explore the practice of setting goals and challenging your team. Listen in to the discussion on treasury measurement.

Episode 27 – Bank Relationships: Achieving a 360 Degree View CTP Credits Available

Managing bank relationships looks different, depending on the side of the table you are sitting on. Banks are quite formal in their approach to ensure a lasting, multi-level institutional connection. Most treasurers lean towards the informal side of the spectrum of relationship management, categorizing their relationships in tiers. On this episode of the podcast, Craig Jeffery and Stephanie Villatoro of Strategic Treasurer examine the business of bank relationship management. Listen in on the discussion.

Episode 26 – Becoming a Treasurer: Part 2 – What to Do When You Become the Treasurer CTP Credits Available

You got the job as Treasurer. Congratulations. What do you need to do now to lay the groundwork for success for the coming years? In this episode of the Becoming a Treasurer series, Craig Jeffery covers the conceptual roadmap to making your first few months in this role count. This discussion covers a variety of areas including staff planning, inventorying the issues and addressing them systematically, understanding differences required in your communication and establishing success.  Listen in on the discussion and enjoy the entire series.

Episode 25 – Compliance: Playing Catch Up CTP Credits Available

Since the financial crisis was well underway, the volume of regulations impacting treasury has been unprecedented. Are treasury groups current? Are they prepared to monitor impending regulations and emerging compliance requirements? In this episode of the podcast, Strategic Treasurer’s Craig Jeffery and Melody Hart explore some of the newer regulations and their impact: from KYC, Sanction Management, GDPR, Dodd-Frank and FBAR. Listen in on the discussion.

Episode 24 – Becoming a Treasurer: Part 1 – How to Prepare CTP Credits Available

Part 1 in the Becoming a Treasurer series explores the varied and non-linear path of most treasurers and outlines two key areas a person pursuing the position of treasurer. Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer is interviewed by Meredith Zonsius on two necessary elements for everyone preparing to be a treasurer. This includes the mindset required and the varied experience or capacity needed. Listen in on the discussion.

Episode 23 – Working Capital Solutions CTP Credits Available

On this episode of The Treasury Update Podcast, Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner of Strategic Treasurer and Edi Poloniato, Global Head of Working Capital Solutions of Kyriba discuss leading practices for corporate treasury to optimize working capital with an eye to both liquidity and profit.

Episode 22 – Treasury’s Journey in the Use of Robotic Process Automation CTP Credits Available

In this podcast Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer interviews Camille Felton and Steven Peterson of Chick-fil-A about their journey in the use of RPA and bots. The discussion covers what activities they targeted, the results that were achieved, and where they are looking next. Their use cases include managing banking statements and data, accounts payable activities, and sales & use tax reporting. Driving efficiency means reducing manual processes and errors. Listen in as we discuss bots in the treasury context.

Episode 21 – The OpenText Treasury Transformation Story ∗ CTP Credits Available

Ever wonder what it takes to make a treasury project an award-winning treasury project? OpenText recently won four major awards including: Alexander Hamilton, EuroFinance, Adam Smith and an AFP Pinnacle finalist. On this episode of The Treasury Update Podcast, Craig Jeffery, the Managing Partner of Strategic Treasurer discusses treasury transformation with Jon Burkhead, the Senior Director of Global Treasury at OpenText. This particular transformation included: banking relationships, treasury technology, and banking structures. Listen in as they discuss key elements of the ongoing OpenText transformation story.

Episode 20 – Faster and Better Payments CTP Credits Available

How much attention do payment transactions get in your day-to-day life? As a consumer, perhaps very little. As a treasurer, quite a lot – but will that always be the case? Can you envision a world in which payments are dead? On this episode of the Treasury Update Podcast, Strategic Treasurer’s Managing Partner, Craig Jeffery, and TD Bank’s Head of Corporate Products and Services, Rick Burke, discuss the convergence of changes taking place in developing technology and its applications for treasury.  From enriched payment formats to faster and better payments, major shifts are occurring that will impact the future payment experiences of not only individual consumers, but also institutional transactions.  Listen in as they share valuable insights into the future of payments and how treasurers can be prepared for substantial and disruptive changes.

Episode 19 – Why Modern Treasury Technology Matters CTP Credits Available

Why does modern treasury technology matter? On this episode of the podcast, Strategic Treasurer’s Managing Partner, Craig Jeffery, and GTreasury’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, Alok Tyagi, discuss some of the largest challenges facing today’s digital treasury professional.  Listen in as they evaluate how technology is being leveraged to address these obstacles and learn of some ongoing innovations that will impact both the future use of these systems as well as future workflow realities for treasury operations.

Episode 18 – Empowering the Treasury Community ∗ CTP Credits Available

The role of the corporate treasurer is increasing in importance today.  On this episode of the podcast, Strategic Treasurer’s Managing Partner Craig Jeffery and ION Treasury’s Global Head of Corporate Development Alex Triplett share valuable insights on empowering the treasury community through operational best practices, machine learning techniques, and using data science to inform optimal decision making. They also discuss the benefits of the convergence of capital markets and the corporate community. Listen in as they explore how the treasury environment is being empowered through the innovative use of modern technology.

Episode 17 – What Makes Our Market Research Tick? CTP Credits Available

Over the past decade, Strategic Treasurer has worked diligently to develop an industry-wide treasury market research program, and today, nearly a dozen surveys are offered annually across topics including fraud, B2B payments, compliance, risk management, and technology. But what goes on behind the scenes? What is the ultimate goal of this research, and, most importantly – how is it being leveraged to drive greater understanding and awareness within the industry?

Episode 16 – Supply Chain Finance & Working Capital Insights for Treasury  ∗ CTP Credits Available

This podcast will discuss the modern-day advantages of supply chain finance, with a focus on the impact that such programs have on treasury. The discussion will draw on the 2018/19 Supply Chain Finance Analyst Report to highlight how technology and supply chain finance intertwine, analyze the ways treasury can use SCF Technology to optimize liquidity and working capital, and explore the data behind what is ultimately driving growth in the supply chain finance industry today.

Episode 15 – AFP Annual Conference Preparations

How can a person successfully plan for the 2018 AFP Annual Conference in Chicago?  Learn how to best manage multiple events, networking opportunities, and business connections that will produce positive results.

On today’s podcast, Strategic Treasurer’s Communications Manager Meredith Zonsius interviews Managing Partner Craig Jeffery on how first-timers can best plan for this conference and what they are doing to kick-off this exciting event.

Episode 14 – Is Your Treasury Technology Aligned with Your Needs? CTP Credits Available

Treasury and payment technology continues to rapidly develop while companies have been spending heavily in this area. Many firms find that their technology is not aligned with their needs resulting in costly inefficiency and frustration. Technology changes coupled with numerous complexity factors require treasury professionals to use an approach that fully contemplates current and emerging requirements across the full technology stack. Strategic Treasurer’s managing partner Craig Jeffery talks with Kristin Robertson and Jamie Florio of Bottomline Technologies on both the causes of technology misalignment and ways to address these challenges effectively.

Episode 13 – Unique Challenges to NGO Treasuries CTP Credits Available

Non-Governmental Organizations, commonly referred to as NGOs, often operate globally, which involves a significant level of complexity. This complexity carries into treasury and dealing with remote banks, unique KYC requirements, and a wide-range of financial requirements. Strategic Treasurer’s Craig Jeffery interviews Stephen Zaubi of CARE International. Together they explore several challenges that NGO treasury groups address.

Episode 12 – Treasury Perspectives: Sensitivity to the Human Element in Security CTP Credits Available

Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer talks with Tom Gregory, TD Bank’s head of treasury management sales. They discuss the fraud environment and current statistics. Most interestingly, they explore a range of real-life fraud cases that have had either happy or unhappy endings and provide guidance to your organization to improve your odds for the former.

Episode 11 – Understanding When Tax Equity Investments Matter CTP Credits Available

Building on Episode 5 of the podcast, we move from examining the tax credit side of tax equity investing to making more involved tax equity investments. This will explore some of the structures and participants across the tax equity landscape which includes affordable housing and environmental investing (renewable energy). In addition to the economic side of these investments, the discussion covers the environment, social, and governance aspects which are key drivers for many organizations.  Craig Jeffery, the managing partner of Strategic Treasurer, discusses these topics with George Strobel, the head of Monarch Private Capital.

Episode 10 – Managing Your Technology Implementation CTP Credits Available

Adopting treasury technology can generate migraines no matter the type of technology. This session will focus on the primary challenges of a treasury tech implementation with an emphasis on treasury management systems. It covers the main technological changes and how these changes have had an impact on companies deploying this technology. The focus on challenges will be coupled with key recommendations and information on how to either solve or alleviate the pain of implementations. The discussion is guided by Isaac Zaubi as he interviews Craig Jeffery on the firm’s experience on projects and in the industry, incorporating data from several multi-year surveys to help the audience understand and identifying trends and changes.

Episode 9 – Stand Up Straight: A Proper Posture on Cyber Security

Discrete actions to protect the organization against cyber security threats are necessary. In order to be most effective an organization must take an appropriate posture that is directed to their entire operation. The entire operation includes the perimeter, interior and off-premises data and system. The IoT (internet of things) can’t be ignored as it sits within this domain. Craig Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer’s managing partner, continues the conversation with Craig Callé a former banker and CFO now founder of the security firm SourceCallé. This session builds upon their first podcast called: Understanding the 2nd chapter of the cloud.

Episode 8 – The Moral Reason for Security

Different reasons can motivate different behaviors. Security can be driven by a standard of which you meet the minimum level required. Security can be put in place to protect the organization against loss. What about the good of the client? Managing client data and assets and organizational responsibility should provide at least equal motivation to secure the data, systems, building and people. Using examples from personal experience and stories from movies the reasons and motivations for good security are discussed in depth. In this podcast, Craig Jeffery caught up with Mark Cuneo in our offices again. This time it was to dissect what he means by the moral reason for security. Mark is a card security expert from CardConnect, a First Data Company.

Episode 7 – Security: Understanding the 2nd Chapter of the Cloud

The movement of functionality and services to the cloud has been underway for over a decade. It began with sales management and has extended to every area of the corporate world. This has created an opportunity for better services to become available to more companies. At the same time the challenges that are raised need to be addressed. These include issues of data protection in all domains and understanding security must extend beyond the internal data center. Craig Jeffery, the managing partner of Strategic Treasurer discusses these topics with Craig Callé, founder of the security firm SourceCallé and a former CFO of Amazon Digital Services and other companies.

Episode 6 – Why Compliance Makes You Vulnerable

Setting your target as compliance with a security standard like PCI-DSS or SWIFT-CSP means you are accepting an older standard as your minimum. In this podcast, Craig Jeffery interviews Mark Cuneo a card security expert from CardConnect, a First Data Company to explore why that target is a problem and what the proper security viewpoint should be.

Episode 5 – Expanding the Use of Tax Credits

This podcast introduces the fundamentals of Tax Equity Investing for corporations with a focus on tax credits. Tax equity investing aligns the interest of state and federal government (housing, energy, economic growth) and business (support for ESG and increased economic value). In this session, Craig Jeffery the managing partner of Strategic Treasurer interviews George Strobel the head of Monarch Private Capital to explore the motivations of government and corporate participants and mechanics of tax equity investments.

Episode 4 – FAQs in Treasury – Round #1

Listen to some answers to some of the most frequently asked treasury questions. These are submitted by various treasury and finance professionals. Topics include: forecasting, PSD2 impacts, and more.

  • 01:15 – Why are TMS not as strong as Excel for forecasting?
  • 07:57 – What is PSD2 and does it have any impact on those in the US?
  • 13:52 – Is eBAM a growing trend? What will it take to get it going?
  • 18:13 – What will it take to make checks disappear from the payments landscape?
  • 21:52 – How do treasury ERP modules compare to TMS systems?
  • 28:41 – Do you think blockchain will be a standard treasury tool in the next decade?

Episode 3 – Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey

Isaac Zaubi and Craig Jeffery discuss the 2018 Treasury Fraud and Controls Survey results. This session reviews the 3rd annual instance seeing trends, changes, response and intent to spend on controls and combating fraud.

Episode 2 – Discussing Treasury Technology with Craig Jeffery

Treasury technology is rapidly changing. In this podcast we cover perspectives and thoughts on technology developments and plans uncovered from survey results and numerous client engagements. These perspectives come to us in the context of overall economic sentiment and after multiple years of significant technology improvements. Opportunities abound!

Episode 1 – Treasury Fraud: What You Should Know

Crime pays better now than before since criminals find more ways to steal and wreak havoc. Treasury and IT must be prepared to confront the massive and growing threat. Hear what the criminals are doing and what your organization must do to change the calculus.

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