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Episode 4 | FAQs in Treasury - Round #1

Listen to some answers to some of the most frequently asked treasury questions. These are submitted by various treasury and finance professionals. Topics include: forecasting, PSD2 impacts, and more.

01:15 – Why are TMS not as strong as Excel for forecasting?
07:57 – What is PSD2 and does it have any impact on those in the US?
13:52 – Is eBAM a growing trend? What will it take to get it going?
18:13 – What will it take to make checks disappear from the payments landscape?
21:52 – How do treasury ERP modules compare to TMS systems?
28:41 – Do you think blockchain will be a standard treasury tool in the next decade?

Episode 3 | 2018 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey

Isaac Zaubi and Craig Jeffery discuss the 2018 Treasury Fraud and Controls Survey results. This session reviews the 3rd annual instance seeing trends, changes, response and intent to spend on controls and combating fraud.

0:35 Survey genesis and overview
3:27 Fraud remains a top concern for corporates
5:17 Criminals are leveraging technology to be more effective
5:50 Spending on fraud
7:58 Optimistic view of improving company defense status
10:30 Controls
12:53 Reconciliation
16:35 Fraud tracking responsibility and fraud training
20:00 Overall fraud experiences
22:03 Specific fraud details and examples
28:22 Check forgery and ransomware, ransomware as a service
34:00 Final survey thoughts and wrap up

Episode 2 | Discussing Treasury Technology with Craig Jeffery

Treasury technology is rapidly changing. In this podcast we cover perspectives and thoughts on technology developments and plans uncovered from survey results and numerous client engagements. These perspectives come to us in the context of overall economic sentiment and after multiple years of significant technology improvements. Opportunities abound!

00:30 Overview Landscape.
03:00 Developments: APIs Blockchain PSD2.
11:35 Faster payments or enriched messaging.
16:27 Technology providing the biggest disruption in treasury.
20:52 Democratization of treasury technology, technology as a declining asset or an increasing asset.
22:04 Mobile banking and different perspectives.
26:34 Forecasting: ongoing challenges.
29:16 Different forecasts. Different purposes.
35:57 Key takeaways on technology.

Episode 1 | Treasury Fraud: What You Should Know

Crime pays better now than before since criminals find more ways to steal and wreak havoc. Treasury and IT must be prepared to confront the massive and growing threat. Hear what the criminals are doing and what your organization must do to change the calculus.

0:45 Fraud Landscape
2:30 Criminals are leveraging technology
4:20 Fraud increases over the past few years
5:38 Defense for impostor or BEC fraud
7:34 Security Training as a counter
11:08 Ransomware and Wannacry
12:48 Treasury as Superintendent of Security
15:38 Multi-factor authentication and other leading practices
17:46 Blockchain and security
19:30 Trends for attacks and defense
21:46 Final thoughts

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