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Session 107

What Is a Surface Area of Attack?

In today’s podcast, Christin Cifaldi, Director of Product Development & Analytics, defines the surface area of attack. We discuss digital and physical attack surfaces within organizations, as well as options for minimizing exposure. Listen in to learn more.

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Jonathan Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer

Jason Campbell
Strategic Treasurer


Christin Cifaldi, Strategic Treasurer

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Payment Security & Fraud Prevention: The Principles of Secure Clamps

Payment Security & Fraud Prevention: The Principles of SECURE CLAMPS This book brings you twelve payment security principles, distilled from one portion of Strategic Treasurer’s SecureTreasury™ course. The cores of these twelve foundational principles for securing your payment processes remain consistent amidst constantly evolving threats and leading practices.

Episode 186 - Treasury Update Podcast
Coffee Break Sessions – A Treasury Update Podcast Series A part of the Treasury Update Podcast, Coffee Break Sessions are 6-12 minute bite-size episodes covering foundational topics and core treasury issues in about the same amount of time it takes you to drink your coffee. The show episodes are released every first and third Thursday of the month with Host Jonathan Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer.