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Episode 117

Stories from the Front: Escalating Fraud Attacks

On this episode of the Stories from the Front series, Craig Jeffery speaks with Corporate Payment Expert Nithai Barzam, Chief Operating Officer at nsKnox, on escalating fraud attacks amid the global pandemic. Topics of discussion center around cybersecurity for payments and financials, fraud tactics and trends, system and infrastructure vulnerabilities, and advanced solutions to verify suppliers and prevent payment fraud. Listen in to learn how to protect yourself and your organization from cybercriminals.


Craig Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer

Craig - Headshot


Nithai Barzam, nsKnox

Nithai Barzam - nsKnox
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Stories from the Front - A Treasury Update Podcast Series
Stories from the Front – A Treasury Update Podcast Series This series within The Treasury Update Podcast features interviews with treasury and finance leaders exploring: challenging situations; fresh ideas, innovative approaches, case studies and recommendations from senior treasury practitioners. These stories from the front provide a transparent look at various industries and challenging situations that provide insights and wisdom to help guide the profession into a proper mindset and approach as we continue the path of recovery.