The Treasury Update Podcast by Strategic Treasurer

Episode 123

2020 AFP Security Panel Discussion:
Protecting the Payments Process

On this special episode of the Treasury Update Podcast, Strategic Treasurer features its 2020 Fintech Hotseat Security Panel discussion from the AFP Virtual Conference. Moderator Doug Hartsema, Managing Partner of the Hartsema Group, interviews Chris Gerda, Risk and Fraud Prevention Officer of Bottomline; Scott Lambert, Treasury Managing Director of Cigna; Mohammed Al-Zraiqat, Sr. Financial Crime and Fraud Manager of Bottomline; and Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner of Strategic Treasurer.

The questions they explore include the following: What is causing the greatest amount of concern now, and what will supplant that in the future? What mindset changes and activity shifts are required? What are the right security roles, and how can they properly collaborate? What steps must treasury take to continually improve payment security? Listen in to this important conversation on protecting the payments process.


Doug Hartsema, The Hartsema Group

The Hartsema Group


Mohammed Al-Zraiqat, Bottomline Technologies

University of Rochester


Chris Gerda, Bottomline Technologies

University of Rochester


Craig Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer

Strategic Treasurer


Scott Lambert, Cigna

Strategic Treasurer

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