Becoming a Treasurer Series

Episode 145

Becoming a Treasurer Series, Part 18 – Losses & Fraud: What Can Keep Treasurers Awake at Night

On this episode of the Becoming a Treasurer series, Author Craig Jeffery is interviewed on a chapter in his book, The Strategic Treasurer: A Partnership for Corporate Growth. The chapter is called “Losses and Fraud: What Can Keep Treasurers Awake at Night.” Topics of discussion center around situations of great loss of assets and liquidity, examples of high profile fraudulent events, and guidance on how treasurers can best protect their organizations. Listen in and enjoy this popular series.


Meredith Zonsius, Strategic Treasurer

Meredith Zonsius


Craig Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer

Craig - Headshot

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Becoming a Treasurer Series
Becoming a Treasurer – A Treasury Update Podcast Series

This series within The Treasury Update Podcast explores questions around being a successful treasurer. Topics discussed include preparation, what needs to be measured, effective communication, development of a team, and acquirement of resources needed.