2021 Outlook Series

Episode 150

2021 Outlook Series:
The Future of Work – Part 1 (Chick-fil-A)

On this episode of the 2021 Outlook series, host Craig Jeffery sits down with Camille Felton, Principal Team Leader of Financial Analytics & Automation at Chick-fil-A, to discuss the future of work told through data stories. Topics of discussion center around new roles and developments at Chick-fil-A, innovative technology solutions, automation elements and insightful case studies. Listen in to this lively conversation to find out more.

Listen to Part 2 here.


Craig Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer


Camille Felton, Chick-fil-A

Camille Felton - Chick-fil-A

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2021 Outlook Series

2021 Outlook Series

This series within The Treasury Update Podcast features interviews with treasury experts about their expectations, projections, and predictions for the year ahead.