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Episode 179

Treasury News, Developments and Resources

On this episode of the Treasury Update Podcast, Host Craig Jeffery sits down with CTMfile founder and editor Jack Large to discuss relevant content around treasury news, developments and resources. Listen in as they dive into the latest treasury trends and their new work together.


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Jack Large, CTMfile

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Episode Transcription - Episode #179: Treasury News, Developments and Resources

Announcer  0:05 

Welcome to the Treasury update podcast presented by strategic treasure, your source for interesting Treasury news and analysis and insights in your car at the gym, or wherever you decide to tune in. On this episode of the podcast host Craig Jeffrey system with CTN, fall founder and editor, Jack alarge, to discuss important Treasury news developments and resources. listen in as they dive into the latest Treasury trends and their


Craig Jeffery  0:37 

OK, Jack, welcome to the Treasury Update Podcast. Good to be here. Some of the listeners to the Treasury update podcast may not be familiar with CTM file found it CTM Some may be familiar, others may not. And I was wondering if you could give us a brief overview of CTM file, what is CTM file?


Jack Large  1:19 

CTM file stands for cash and treasury management file. And the reason we chose file is because essentially what we wanted to develop was a database of all sorts of different items. And so each of the items that’s recorded doesn’t go away, it gets stored in various ways. So you can access it through searches, and so on. And the other reason was that, we felt that we needed a database comm file comm website that caters for not only the senior guys who just want the latest key topics and news, but also the more junior guys who need to learn the business. So not only are we recording the latest items, we have built the structure so that we give an intro to each of the topics in each of the sections. So I have friends who are corporate treasurers. And they say when I get somebody to join the department who’s Junior, they say go and read CTM file and learn the business. And then you can as you get familiar you less and less you focus on the extra explanation items, but you’ve refocused on the newer topics, the new items that are getting to the essence of what’s happening in the business. And already we’ve got over 7000 items in the database. And it’s growing all the time, inevitably, because I’ve now joined with a much bigger team strategic treasure, who have more than double the resources and giving, enabling us to give a wider coverage in depth, as you will see over the coming months. So Jack is, as you mentioned, we joined forces and we put resources in there. But what was it just the additional resources as a reason for connecting together for our CTM in strategic treasure coming together? It’s a complimentary sort of work that we do. You do much more detailed reports and analyses. But we do short, sharp things right across the industry. And we don’t care whether it recurs in Brazil, or it occurs in Australia, or in Europe, or in the Far East.


He’s just bringing together what items are essential for you to keep up to date and know what’s going on inside treasury, which is as you know, is growing. The expanse and the range of things that Treasury touches now is going bigger and bigger all the time.


Craig Jeffery  4:02 

The way you were describing CTM file is this file. It’s this. It’s a treasury news site for current items as well as a content site. So Treasury news and content.  And there’s a number of things that are pretty unique on CTM file, and maybe you could just share what are some of those activities or methods of providing information through this through the CTM file platform.


Jack Large  4:29 

One of the things we do is we talk directors, senior players in the business, and we just have a chat about, a web chat as we call it, about what’s going on in a particular area. So for example, we’ve got coming out next week a web chat with a guy from foreign exchange in Deutsche Bank about what’s the essence of automation, Treasury automation, and how you might manage the balance between expertise, which is from the individual and the balance of the automation, you quite rightly summed it up as doing automation, right? Similarly, we’ve done a web chat again, which will be coming out next week on what’s the essence of cash flow forecasting? What are the three things that cash flow forecasting is really all about. And that’s really where we focus, it’s focusing on what things are all about. Now we do it with web chats, we do it with reviews of different reports, we do it in a whole number of different ways. And then occasionally, we’ll do webinars. And we don’t want to draw him on about all the way through a normal presentation, we tend to focus on the key points in the development of an area. So its unique perspective, I think is the most maybe the way we talk about what we do.


Craig Jeffery  6:02 

There’s a few things you said I wanted to, to jump in on a little bit. You talked about web chats. And for those that may be North American focus that that phrase is not not quite as common, as maybe a description is useful for that. It seems like it’s those discussions, you have that CTM file as with different companies, it’s a it’s like a recording, it is a recording of a discussion, there might be some slides or some type of demo, where you listen in on the conversation, you can see what’s transpiring. And it’s focused, it’s fast, and it’s relevant.


Jack Large  6:40 

Yeah, we have various rules, like you’re not allowed 20 slides, which you flip through, it’s four or five slides. So you can’t concentrate on the essence of the problem or on the solution. We actually rerecord some of them when they’re not focused enough. And we don’t waste people’s time. These web chats are not only focused, but we also give times when each of the topics appear. So if only one piece of a webinar or web chat is of interest, you can go direct to that and you don’t need to listen to all the 10 minutes just to get to the three minute piece that you’re interested in. It’s for busy corporate treasury people, regardless of whether they’re senior or junior.


Craig Jeffery  7:30 

The other aspect is on a biweekly basis. Currently, there’s a new podcast or newly named podcast, open treasury, which is available through anywhere you get your podcast. So open treasury. What’s covered on that? Typically,


Jack Large  7:46 

When we take over the last two weeks, the few items and it’s never more than five, that were key during the last two weeks, and we discussed them when we look at what’s the impact of it, what does it mean, as well as giving the reference to the links to each of the items in CTM file, we discuss the actual topic itself and saying, Well, what does this mean? Why is this important? So for example, we talked about the central bank, digital currencies, and when and why they’re going to be important. We talked about new developments in ESG, in terms of monitoring and controlling, we talked about different aspects for payment systems that can become relevant, that the changing field is changing all the time. And what’s really interesting is, there’s trends coming through that are coming through right across the business. It doesn’t matter whether it’s foreign exchange, whether it’s Treasury systems, or whether it’s risk management, or a key things coming through, and we focus on those.


Craig Jeffery  9:01 

Yeah, and thank you for having me, as a guest on those quite frequently. I definitely enjoy talking through those with you. And so for those of you who are listening in the show notes, you can find a way to access the open Treasury podcast, we invite you just to subscribe there. CTN file also has a bi weekly email that will send out you know, a summary of different news content and information that’s relevant, we invite you to subscribe there as well. Jack it you know, as we continue talking on this, you know, the CTM file is a treasury news and resource site, content site for Treasury. You describe the situation of some treasures, they have someone new come into the department, they use it to get them caught up on the industry at large. Are there other ways that this supports treasury and financial professionals that maybe we haven’t covered so far?


Jack Large  9:58 

I can only look at it in terms of for what’s coming in the future, what we are focusing on in different ways, and we’ve got initiatives show how we’re developing the topic. I mean, for example, we’ve got a whole new series on the new thing coming out of one of our associate members, which is the ability to monitor in real time, how a workers are in a supply chain are behaving now what they’re thinking, Now, this is groundbreaking stuff. And it changes the way people look at problems. And we’re starting to see that sort of thing. And we’ll have, we’ve had an article this week on it. We’ve got web chats next week, and we’re going to follow it with a webinar and so on. Similarly, we are focusing on what’s happened over the last 12 months, in our lives, what my true love brought to me the only 12 Days of Christmas, that will show what happened in the past, but also give hints about what’s coming in the future. And another one that I pick up on is how people are starting to realize what they have to do is focus and have a way of looking at where they’re going. So we will be doing more and more on vision for Treasury in all sorts of different ways. And finally, we’re looking at something else that’s emerging, which is an increasing understanding that what you’re buying when you get a relationship with a treasury management system provider, or a bank is you’re buying into their ecosystem, the bank’s ecosystem, or the Treasury’s ecosystem. And what you’re doing is melding those together with yours to provide your total ecosystem. And what’s interesting for me is that we’re going to see much more focus on this ecosystems on my event for 2020.  2022. Sorry.


Craig Jeffery  12:15 

Jack, thanks for that response. And the details, you know, the vision for Treasury ecosystem, you know, the power of networks, both technologically and the broader connections are really significant topics in the era of open banking, open treasury, I think those are really spot on. I appreciate you bringing those up. But as we, you know, as we finish out the podcast, do you have any final thoughts to share about CTM file or Treasury in general,


Jack Large  12:44 

One big problem is not to be boring. Because there’s so much repetition. What we have been focusing on and we will focus on is not being boring, reporting on this significant interesting items that are going to make a difference, and looking at the essence or the solutions.


Craig Jeffery  13:06 

I always appreciate your no nonsense of look and comments on things. I find it refreshing, just like you probably like my American accent, and take on English soccer, which you call football.


Jack Large  13:21 

Oh, don’t talk to me about soccer, my team lost today.


Craig Jeffery  13:25

So, so sorry about that. Jack, thanks so much for your time. And, you know, for all our listeners out there, to tap into these resources, we encourage you to look at CTM That’s in the show notes as you go there and subscribe. And also, go ahead and subscribe to the Open Treasury Podcast. Right now. It just comes out every couple of weeks. Perhaps that will increase in the future. But we’re enjoying this a two week recap and ask that you also join that separate podcast channel. Jack, thanks so much for talking


Announcer  14:06 

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