2016 Global Payments Survey

Understand the current landscape of the payments industry as well as where it’s is heading from corporate and banking perspectives.
What did this survey cover?
Our most recent survey set out to measure and calibrate the practices, plans and priorities for payments on a global basis from the views of both corporate and banking professionals.
With responses from over 300 treasury and finance professionals, we’ve identified the various changes and challenges to the payments industry. These insights serve to help you better move funds efficiently, securely and quickly.
Questions covered a range of important payment structures and practices along with developments on faster payments, cross-border innovations, and new technology influences, including blockchain.
Watch the Results

Banks have more knowledge on new payment initiatives.

Banks are also more aware of the anticipated impact of these new developments. Because of this knowledge, banks are adopting new technology much faster than corporates.

Optimism across the board for new payment initiatives...

…is high! The overwhelming majority of both corporates and banks have a positive outlook on new payment initiatives, regardless of their knowledge of any initiatives.

Corporates are looking for greater cost efficiency.

Corporates seem to follow what is set out by the banks. They’re most focused on optimizing their process for cost efficiency purposes.
2016 Global Payments Infographic
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Is this really free?
Yes! Absolutely. We believe that all ships rise and fall with the tide and the more useful information that is shared, understood, and implemented, the better off the entire industry will be. Keep us in mind the next time you have any questions related to treasury and risk security and management. We’re here to help!
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2016 Treasury Aggregator Analyst Report

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