2016 Global Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey

Is your company at risk? Find out what others are doing to protect their treasury organizations in a time when Crime Does Pay!

Traditional corporate security measures are falling behind.
Our recent survey uncovered some alarming trends in the area of payment fraud that corporations need to understand in order to stay ahead of the increased sophistication and frequency of criminal attacks.
The 2016 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey Results Report is available for download. This report is accompanied by a summary infographic that explains why the data demonstrates that “Crime Does Pay!” and what your organization should do to be more defensive.
This global survey included over 300 organizations and identified various control practices, measured fraud levels, calibrated security activities, and captured the level of investment that organizations are making to become more secure.
Insights in Action
Watch to hear survey author, Craig Jeffery, put his findings into practical use in this recent News Update from Strategic Treasurer regarding the massive security breach and loss of funds from the Bangladesh Central Bank and how corporate treasuries should respond.
Inside You’ll Find

Summary Report

We’ve analyzed the data and broken down the key findings into a story that can be understood by all stakeholders within your organization. This report explains where we’ve come from, what’s gone wrong, and what organizations are doing to strengthen their defenses for the future.


We’ve also broken down the key elements of that story and displayed them in visual format to allow you to easily access and share the data within your department, your organization at large, and throughout your peer networks.

Detailed Findings

Additionally, for those who appreciate a more granular view, we’ve included an appendix of an extensive subset of the survey data – complete with charts, graphics, and commentary – for you to drill down and see for yourself the basis for the analysis.
Key insights include

Fraud Experiences.

Comprehensive view of the market’s experience across a range of dimensions.

Benchmarking Data.

Extensive points of comparison on what your peers are doing (or not doing) with regard to controls, systems, and structures to protect their organizations.


Analysis of the current fraud environment and some proscriptive advice on how to change the ROI for the criminals.
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