2017 Liquidity Risk Survey

This survey infographic covers some key highlights from our 8th Annual Liquidity Risk Survey. Take a look below!

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There is growing corporate emphasis on counterparty exposure oversight and a clear need for investment policy review.

Strategic Treasurer and Capital Advisors Group have been fielding the Liquidity Risk Survey since 2011. This has provided year-over-year comparisons and the ability to predict future trends on corporate risk, liquidity, and cash investment strategies.

68% of respondents’ firms use bank deposits as short-term investment channels. With alarmingly high rates on uninsured bank deposits, these numbers suggests that firms remain overexposed and uninsured in regards to bank deposits.

This global survey included approximately 130 organizations and examined how to best evaluate current liquidity risk mitigation practices and macroeconomic changes and new regulations affecting all treasury professionals.

Insights in Action

2017 B2B Payments & Working Capital Management Survey Results Webinar

During this webinar, we will go over some of the major takeaways from one of our oldest surveys. Because this was the 8th year the Liquidity Risk survey ran, we will be able to provide valuable year-over-year data. Speakers include Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner at Strategic Treasurer and Ben Campbell, Founder and CEO at Capital Advisors Group.


Is this really free?

Yes! Absolutely. We believe that all ships rise and fall with the tide and the more useful information that is shared, understood, and implemented, the better off the entire industry will be. Keep us in mind the next time you have any questions related to treasury and risk security and management. We’re here to help!

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