2019 Outlook

Podcast Series

This series within The Treasury Update Podcast features interviews with treasury experts about their expectations, projections, and predictions for the year ahead.

Series Host

Craig Jeffery

Q2 Corporate Investment Outlook


On this episode of the 2019 Outlook series, Craig Jeffery sits down with Executive Director Bob Leggett and Senior Portfolio Manager Mike Cha of Morgan Stanley to discuss the 2019 Q2 Corporate Investment Outlook. They take a deeper look at the major shifts in short-term investing, the use of various instruments, and a number of macro shifts continuing to take place this year and beyond. Listen in to the discussion.

Bob Leggett

Executive Director

Morgan Stanley

Mike Cha

Senior Portfolio Manager

Morgan Stanley

Supply Chain Finance Outlook


On this episode of the 2019 Outlook series, Craig Jeffery speaks with CEO and President Cedric Bru of Taulia on the continued evolution of supply chain finance.  Growing awareness of and access to SCF technology has democratized financing options such that even small organizations can now benefit from the network effect of these tools.  Cedric shares insights into Taulia’s global expansion as well as his take on how companies can manage working capital and optimize cashflow.  Listen in to discover what organizations need to know about SCF in 2019.

Cedric Bru



Treasury Management & Technology Outlook


On this episode of the 2019 Outlook series, Craig Jeffery sits down with Paul Higdon, Co-CTO, and Michael Kolman, Head of Business Development, of ION Treasury to discuss their expectations for 2019. Paul and Mike provide insight on the reemergence of money market funds, LIBOR, the rise of open banking, predictive technology and machine learning, while explaining their notable significance from a treasury management perspective. Why should treasurers be aware of these topics and what will be their impact on their organization? Listen in to find out.

Mike Kolman

Chief Operating Officer

ION Treasury

Paul Higdon


ION Treasury

Maximizing the Speed of Treasury


How can treasurers maximize the speed of treasury in 2019 and beyond? Craig Jeffery interviews Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Tom Leitch of TreasuryXpress on new methodologies and treasury systems that will increase speed dramatically, improve efficiencies, and scalability.  Listen in as they discuss real-life examples on how treasures can remove friction and accelerate the speed of treasury.

Tom Leitch

VP of Business Development

Treasury Xpress

Global FX Outlook


On this episode, Craig Jeffery sits down with David Pierce, Managing Director of Global Hedging Products at GPS Capital Markets, who has appeared on CNBC to discuss the impact of foreign exchange exposures on the US economy and worldwide. Listen in as they share valuable insights into macro-trends and developments taking place for the coming year.

David Pierce

Managing Director of Global Hedging Products

GPS Capital Markets