Survey Results 

Supply Chain Finance 

In 2019, the 2nd iteration of Strategic Treasurer’s supply chain finance survey, developed in partnership with Kyriba, sought to pinpoint the unique factors that are ultimately influencing the evolution of the SCF space, both from a provider and user standpoint. Specifically, what is the spread or market share of bank and fintech solutions in SCF, and how is this mix changing over time? Also, how do corporates view the benefits and challenges of SCF, what drivers are pushing them to adopt or participate in programs, and how do these perspectives vary across buyer and supplier operations?

Depth of Coverage

The roughly 60 questions contained within this survey were categorized according to four areas:

  • SCF Solution Landscape
  • Corporate SCF Drivers
  • Buyer Perspectives
  • Supplier Perspectives

Results Webinar Replay

Co-Presented with Kyriba

Date:     Thursday, March 28th, 2019

Time:     11:00AM – 12:00PM EST

Where:  This was an online event.

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