Survey Results

Treasury Fraud & Controls

Thank you to all of those who participated in our 2023 Treasury Fraud & Controls survey. This research discovered how your fraud experiences and security practices has changed. Has your security framework been strengthened? Is your outlook as positive as the industry’s outlook on the threat of fraud? What security threats are on the rise?

2023 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey

Depth of Coverage

This annual survey seeks to evaluate the current and projected impact of fraud on the finance and treasury environment. Practitioners from all industries are polled on their experiences with fraud and on the range of controls, safeguards and security practices employed to protect their financial assets and information. Data related to bank account management and reconciliation practices is also gathered for a more comprehensive view of how various treasury operations impact security. This data is compiled annually and used to educate the industry on how the fraud landscape is evolving and how practitioners can better protect themselves and their organizations against attacks.

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