Episode 24


Becoming a Treasurer: Part 1 – How to Prepare

Becoming a Treasurer Series

This series within The Treasury Update Podcast explores questions around being a successful treasurer. They include how to prepare, what needs to be measured, how to communicate effectively, how to develop a team, and how to get the resources needed.

Part 1 – Becoming a Treasurer

Part 1 in the Becoming a Treasurer Series explores the varied and non-linear path of most treasurers and outlines two key areas a person pursuing the position of treasurer. Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer is interviewed by Meredith Zonsius on two necessary elements for everyone preparing to be a treasurer. This includes the mindset required and the varied experience or capacity needed. Listen in on the discussion.


Meredith Zonsius, Strategic Treasurer

Guest Speaker:

Craig Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer

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