Becoming a Treasurer Series

Episode 243

Becoming a Treasurer Series, Part 24:
Languages of Finance: FP&A

As we jump back into the Becoming a Treasurer series, we are launching a new sub-series where we will look at the “language of finance.” Communication matters, and understanding how different groups use terms is vital for effective communication. In the Language of Finance sub-series, we will look into different terms that should be understood in order to communicate effectively with the rest of your treasury team and with others.

In this podcast, Craig Jeffery and Jason Campbell talk through some of the important questions regarding financial planning and analysis. How does the language of FP&A differ from treasury? Listen in to find out.


Jason Campbell, Strategic Treasurer

Meredith Zonsius


Craig Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer

Craig - Headshot

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Becoming a Treasurer Series

Becoming a Treasurer – A Treasury Update Podcast Series

This series within The Treasury Update Podcast explores questions around being a successful treasurer. Topics discussed include preparation, what needs to be measured, effective communication, development of a team, and acquirement of resources needed.