The Treasury Update Podcast by Strategic Treasurer

Episode 74

2020 Treasury Fraud & Controls

Host Craig Jeffery interviews Chris Gerda, Risk and Fraud Prevention Officer of Bottomline Technologies on the current and projected impact of fraud on the finance and treasury environment. Topics of discussion center around corporate fraud concerns, security spend, hacking tactics, recent events, and the significant value of the 2020 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey. Listen in to find out how you can better protect yourself and your organization against attacks.


Craig Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer


Chris Gerda, Bottomline Technologies

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SecureTreasury Training Course

With fraud on the rise, corporate coffers are being targeted by increasingly sophisticated criminals. One of the best ways to protect your organization is to educate your people.

SecureTreasury is a cloud-based program designed to reduce the risk of corporate payment fraud by educating interdepartmental staff on common approaches to fraud, areas of organizational vulnerability, and leading practices for increased controls within a complete treasury security framework.

The Treasury Update Podcast

 A Movement Towards Equilibrium: The Situation of Treasury Fraud & Controls

In 2019, treasurers are feeling more secure and able to defend their organization against fraud, but fraud still exists. Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer sits down with Chris Gerda, Risk and Fraud Prevention Officer and James Richardson, Head of Market Development of Bottomline Technologies to discuss the 2019 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey Results. They describe how making and receiving secure payments should and should not look, along with other ways some need to step up and take action to prevent fraudulent behavior occurring in their organization. Listen in to their discussion.