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Session 81

Coffee Break Session:

What Is ACH?

What is ACH? Coffee Break Session Host Jason Campbell catches up with Strategic Treasurer’s Managing Partner, Craig Jeffery, to discuss the Automated Clearing House. They discuss what ACH is, its use, how it’s governed, and what to monitor. Listen in and hear more about ACH.


Jason Campbell, Strategic Treasurer

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Strategic Treasurer


Craig Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer

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Strategic Treasurer
2022 B2B Payments Survey Results

B2B Payments Report

This study provides valuable insights related to the overall payments complexity and challenges being experienced by practitioners within the treasury and finance environment, and also sheds light on the unique solutions and tactics employed by organizations to optimize payment processes and maximize efficiency.

Coffee Break Sessions

Coffee Break Sessions – A Treasury Update Podcast Series

A part of the Treasury Update Podcast, Coffee Break Sessions are 6-12 minute bite-size episodes covering foundational topics and core treasury issues in about the same amount of time it takes you to drink your coffee. The show episodes are released every first and third Thursday of the month with Host Jason Campbell of Strategic Treasurer.