Currency Risk. Counterparty Risk. Country Risk. Interest Rate Risk. The list goes on…

Treasurers and financial professionals often face direct and indirect exposure to many risks. Country risk is one such exposure that impacts multi-national corporations (MNCs) in obvious and clear ways. The globalization of business and supply chains has created an environment where many other organizations face this risk, even if their customer base is entirely domestic.

Sovereign risk concerns and challenges within the economic and political environment are broadcast on a daily basis. From Greece to Ireland to concerns about a spreading ‘contagion’ clearly highlight the need to be able to stay on-top-of and in-front-of these situations. Strategic Treasurer has licensed comprehensive information on country risk issues for over 130 countries and can provide this material via a subscription electronically or via our advanced risk dashboard (available via the web or on-premises).

The information includes:

  • Headline ‘Ticker’– updates delivered weekly via the risk dashboard (locally run or via the web.)
  • Country Ratings – includes information indicating a possible or recent change.
  • Country ‘Executive Summary’ Reports – highlights the main economic, business and economic environmental and risk elements. Updated at least monthly.
  • Country ‘Detailed’ Reports – showing comprehensive data and more in-depth analysis on a particular country. Individual sections can be acquired or accessed (i.e. a country’s economic risk or country business environment.) Updated twice a year or more.

You can purchase a single report for a country, acquire an annual subscription on a global basis or by region (Africa/Middle East, Americas, Europe Asia Pacific).

Please contact Strategic Treasurer at +1 678.466-2222 or for a subscription, a demonstration of the risk dashboard, or sample reports.