A Fin Tech company that specializes in message-based communications, application integration, transaction processing, payments and securities processing. ECS equips banks, capital markets and corporates globally.

ECS recognized inefficiencies in the movement and processing of data between customers, service providers and beneficiaries. The need for costly investment in products from multiple vendors proved to be a large barrier. ECS’ IMS solutions bring vital groups together to exchange and process data efficiently.




Dr. Jacob Aruldhas


White Plains, New York


Privately Held

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Treasury Technology Analyst Report

Primary coverage on Treasury Technology can be found in Strategic Treasurer’s annually released Treasury Technology Analyst Report. These definitive guides include the market case, historic functionality, and future developments of solutions across these categories:

  • Treasury & Risk Management Systems
  • Treasury Aggregators
  • Supply Chain Finance & Cash Converstion Cycle Solutions
  • Enterprise Liquidity Management

Explore special coverage of ECS Fin’s company and solution set in the report below.

2022 Treasury Technology Analyst Report

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