Fides is the global leader in multi-bank connectivity and transaction communications, enabling corporates to connect to any bank, in any region, through any channel. Our solutions deliver critical multi-bank account statement, payment workflow and reporting capabilities for treasury and finance teams.

Clients can leverage the Fides proprietary multi-network, dual-BIC service option for SWIFT connectivity, or choose EBICS, Host-to-Host, APIs or any alternative. Fides also provides conversion, validation and security services. Whether you choose to access Fides from anywhere with our secure Multibanking Suite web portal, or integrate with third-party ERP, TMS, and other backend systems, Fides is the only connectivity platform you need.

Committed to helping corporations optimally connect and interact with their banks for over a century, Fides helps more than 3,500 clients communicate with over 13,000 banks and payment providers across 200 countries. With Fides, you can reach further, and connect faster.




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Zurich, Switzerland


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FinTech Analyst Report

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Treasury Aggregator - 2020 Analyst Report Series

Headlines & Awards

Fides and GTreasury Announce Global Bank Connectivity Partnership

Fides Treasury Services Ltd. and GTreasury announced a strategic partnership to extend innovative treasury management technology and multi-bank connectivity to customers around the globe. GTreasury’s digital TMS platform for end-to-end treasury management and risk management connects treasury’s ecosystem, helping teams work easier and smarter from a single source of truth. Now, customers can take advantage of all the benefits of GTreasury’s innovative TMS and Fides’ market-leading bank connectivity to connect to financial institutions and payment providers in 200 countries around the world.

Fides Continues to Build Momentum With New Customer Wins

Fides has continued its trajectory of business growth. In the first half of 2019 the company started the implementation of 115 client projects, an increase of 30% compared to the previous year. Fides continues to track steady double-digit year-over-year growth. In the past year, Fides has focused on product development, most recently releasing new versions of its Web solution for multi-bank aggregation, payments and messaging. The firm continues to actively hire staff across multiple disciplines and has steadily added to its client relations, product management, IT and client services teams to provide the highest level of support to its growing global client base.

Fides Recognized for Client-Focused Multi-Banking Excellence

Global Banking & Finance Review has named Fides “Best Multi-Banking Solutions Provider Switzerland 2019” and International Investor has awarded the firm with “Best Client Focus Multi Banking Service – 2019. These awards add to the growing acknowledgment Fides has been receiving over the past year.  In the past few months, Fides has also received recognition for Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Treasury Management – 2019 from Global Finance Magazine, along with Cashforce, for an end-to-end solution that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to provide better outcomes for corporate treasury and finance departments. The firm also was named Best Multi-Banking Solutions Company of the Year / Global by LeFonti for its successful business model and leadership in the multi-bank connectivity industry, and received additional recognition for its leadership.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to using Fides vs. managing bank connections in-house?

Bank connectivity is our business, so if you choose to work with Fides you know you will be working with specialists who are experienced in dealing with different connectivity channels and formats. Fides can implement the connections you need using the channels of your choice, whether that is SWIFT, Host-to-Host, EBICS, APIs or any combination. Using Fides can be more cost effective and gives you a broader reach than establishing and managing individual direct connections using a single channel. Fides also cuts down the need for the treasury staff to do a lot of work collecting and compiling data in spreadsheets. We have had clients tell us that our solutions have cut the time that a treasury analyst previously had to spend on manual work by as much as 50 percent.

Which file formats do you support?

Fides supports all messaging formats and types such as the ISO 20022 (XML formats) and ISO 15022 (FIN) standards, as well as country-specific and bank-specific formats. We are able to work with even the smallest, most irregular payment providers and create customized parsers to convert their messages into a standardized format. This means that you can onboard banks much more quickly than you might otherwise be able to do.

Do I need to integrate Fides ARS or Fides EFT with a TMS or ERP?

While all Fides products can conveniently integrate with any ERP or TMS platform, the products and capabilities are all also accessible via the Fides Multibanking Suite. Not all clients feel the need to have a TMS, and for the ones who do, no TMS on its own supports the range of bank protocols and formats that Fides can. We have a large number of clients who don’t want to be locked into a TMS or ERP vendor. We partner with a number of the leading TMS vendors and can integrate with even more.

What connectivity options provide me with the greatest global coverage?

Fides’ unique Hybrid Model helps clients overcome the gaps in their bank’s SWIFT SCORE readiness and offers additional connectivity options including multi-network, dual-BIC solutions. We can streamline payment processing, securely manage foreign exchange, deliver trading confirmations — basically, we can handle any and all kinds of messaging between our clients and their banks and payment providers regardless of where they are located.

Onboarding, Implementation, & Client Training

Fides provides a customized onboarding process for each client through its project management team. Based on the customer’s needs and requirements, Fides will create a tailor-made solution that is based on bank capabilities, compatible reporting and payment formats, and the best connectivity method for each bank. An experienced project manager is assigned to each client, and everything begins with a detailed kick-off call where the entire project is reviewed, roles are explained on the client side and the Fides project management team side, and then planning begins for each bank.

Fides maintains even workloads across the team to ensure clients receive ample attention and onboarding is completed efficiently. A deputy is also assigned at the beginning of the project, so clients find the experience seamless if their primary project manager is unavailable. The deputy is aware of the status of each bank and connection as well as most recent communication and is able to provide continued support to the client.

After the onboarding process is complete, the project manager hands support over to client services. This means making sure the client feels comfortable with next steps and providing detailed instructions and explanations for interacting effectively with the client services team. The project manager is responsible for ensuring that knowledge transfer to the client services team takes place so that the client’s experience through production is excellent and customized. Fides supports all main languages within their Fides Multibanking Suite as well at Client Services these are; English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and even some more by parts of their extensive Client Services Team.

The relationship manager assigned at the beginning of the project remains with the client throughout their time at Fides, including through their transition from the project management team to the client services team.

Customer Service

Fides’ client services team is based in the company’s Switzerland headquarters, assuring that all representatives have direct access to all the resources they need. The customer support team is available by email or phone Monday through Friday around the clock, and can communicate with customers in multiple languages, including German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Making customers’ lives easier is one of the Fides client service team’s core goals. The company is known for its ability to maintain existing clients while also expanding its operations to support additional customers. Over the past four years, Fides has experienced significant business growth, and has grown its internal support teams, including client services and client relations, accordingly.

A number of TMS partners bundle Fides with their own offerings. These partners provide first-level customer support to the clients who purchase the bundled solutions, and interface with Fides when additional expertise is required. 


“What used to take half a day of my time now only takes an hour or two – the process is much smoother with Fides. We’re saving at least 15 hours a week, and the quality of the data is much better than what we had before.”

Megan Kasparian, Senior Treasury Analyst at American Tower

“Fides allowed us to make our timeline by leveraging their BIC. Before we even had our own SWIFT BIC established, we could start working with this first wave of banks and get connected and start doing payment testing and file testing and move forward on our project timeline.”

Eli Brown, Treasury Process Controller at UPS

“Having all the information in one place gives us the ability to get the big picture fast. It saves manual work, gives us the info to be able to make a decision and analyze quite quickly. Our company is growing very fast, and it is mandatory that we have systems to support that growth and support the work that we have to keep up with in our environment. Without Fides, we would not be able to support the scaling of our business.”

Revital Gadish, SVP, Finance and Treasury at Payoneer

Case Study


  • UPS, a global logistics and package delivery provider
  • Headquartered in the U.S. with 450,000+ employees globally


  • Decentralized banking operations made it difficult to update cash positions and balances in a timely manner
  • Overly manual payments and reporting processes resulted in error-prone and time-consuming operations for treasury personnel


  • Centralization of global banking services through a single portal or solution
  • Automation of financial messaging and reporting to reduce manual intervention and increase timeliness and accuracy of information


  • Fides & Reval TMS connectivity infrastructure provided a SaaS-based solution with the flexibility and scalability to meet changing client needs while also proving cost-effective
  • Ability to leverage SWIFT network extensively through Fides portal for enhanced payment processing through both Fides BIC and client BIC


  • Reval TMS solution with Fides Electronic File Transfer (EFT) & Account Reporting Solution (ARS)

Event Attendance

Fides has a presence at a number of industry-leading events around the globe, including AFP Conference, EuroFinance International Treasury & Cash Management Conference, Finanzsymposium Mannheim, DACT, and the Windy City Summit. The company also hosts its own one-day user conference each year, which brings together Fides customers and partners to learn from industry experts, hear multi-banking success stories, find out the latest business and product updates and future plans from Fides executives, and network with peers. The 2019 Fides Conference was held September 6 in Zürich, Switzerland.

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