Episode 2

Discussing Treasury Technology with Craig Jeffery

Over the past decade, the pace of technological innovation, particularly within the realms of finance and treasury, has increased dramatically. From the introduction of SaaS-based TMS platforms to the growing use of blockchain, mobile, and AI solutions, the technology considerations for treasury continue to grow more pronounced. This podcast will provide a data-driven look at recent technology developments and corporate preferences and investment plans to analyze the current state of the financial technology space and provide insight as to where the industry is heading.


Time Discussion Topic
0:30 Overview Landscape
3:00 Developments: APIs Blockchain PSD2
11:35 Faster payments or enriched messaging
16:27 Technology providing the biggest disruption in treasury
20:52 Democratization of treasury technology, technology as a declining asset or an increasing asset
22:04 Mobile banking and different perspectives
26:34 Forecasting: Ongoing challenges
29:16 Different forecasts. Different purposes.
35:57 Key takeaways on technology


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