Episode 5

Expanding the Use of Tax Credits

This podcast introduces the fundamentals of Tax Equity Investing for corporations with a focus on tax credits. Tax equity investing aligns the interest of state and federal government (housing, energy, economic growth) and business (support for ESG and increased economic value). In this session, Craig Jeffery the managing partner of Strategic Treasurer interviews George Strobel the head of Monarch Private Capital to explore the motivations of government and corporate participants and mechanics of tax equity investments.


Time Discussion Topic
0:50 Introduction and Overview of the reason for tax equity investments
5:40 Public good from the private sector
7:42 Private motivations: ESG and economic return
10:05 Examples of tax credits and transferability
14:24 The international market for tax credits
15:02 Economics of tax credits
17:57 Timing of credit purchases and use of credits
19:35 Sizing of tax credit deals
21:22 Where do we go from here? Visual guide information