Simplifying the Banking Experience

Expert Interview

Wells Fargo is using technologies such as APIs to “bring the bank to the customer” and service pain points in financial workflows. Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner at Strategic Treasurer, LLC, sits down with Chad Dickson to find out how Wells Fargo is working to incorporate their banking services directly into customer systems, facilitate secure and efficient workflows, and partner with fintechs to bring customers the best experience possible.

Craig Jeffery

Managing Partner
Strategic Treasurer

Chad Dickson

Senior Vice President & Financial Technologies Strategist
Wells Fargo

0:00 Introductions

0:56 What does “bringing the bank to your customer” mean?

2:59 What are some applications you could “bring the bank” to?

5:19 What are the advantages of using APIs in corporate banking?

7:28 What prevents corporates from going to a fintech instead of a bank?

This FinTech HotSeat was held at the 2019 AFP conference in Boston. We are extremely grateful to Chad Dickson, Senior Vice President & Financial Technologies Strategist at Wells Fargo, for participating and sharing his insights and expertise.