The Future of Treasury Payments


This B2B payments panel discussion delves into the past, present, and future for banks, fintechs, and customers, helping to bring clarity and understanding to an area that is both important and confusing for many financial professionals today. Topics included collaboration between banks and fintechs, payment volumes, security, data, and the need for straight-through processing (STP). With a bank, a fintech, a network, and a consulting firm each represented on the panel, the discussions lend a rich nuance and insight to important topics in the B2B payments space.

Craig Jeffery

Managing Partner
Strategic Treasurer

Ajith Thekadath

Global Head
Visa B2B Connect

Rick Burke

Head of Corporate Products & Services
TD Bank

Brian Greehan

Vice President
Bottomline Technologies

Dave Robertson

Managing Director

0:00 Introductions

2:07 What event in the recent past has had the biggest impact on payments, and why?

6:41 Looking out 3-5 years, what are the key trends that will drive change in the B2B payments space?

17:32 What should the corporate practitioner be doing to prepare for the anticipated environment of rapid change and intensified risk?

23:07 What should banks be focusing on as they prepare for the future?

30:15 The lines are blurring between banks and fintechs, and collaboration between them is important, but what elements of B2B payments should each take the lead on?

38:35 What are the most critical obstacles companies face in digitizing B2B payments, and what can we do about that?

44:52 Case studies of companies who have done an excellent job of modernizing.

51:46 If you could have one wish granted for the B2B payments space, what would it be?

54:17 Closing remarks.

This panel was one of two held at the 2019 AFP conference in Boston. We are extremely grateful to our moderator and panelists for participating and sharing their insights and expertise.