The Future of Treasury Technology


In this panel discussion on Treasury Technology, we covered AI, security, automation, real-time payments and processes, consumer applications vs. corporate, and how treasury professionals will relate to technology in the coming years. The conversation helps bring much-needed clarity and understanding to an area that is both important and confusing for many financial professionals today. With a bank, a fintech, a network, and a consulting firm each represented on the panel, the discussions lend a rich nuance and insight to the treasury technology space.

Craig Jeffery

Managing Partner
Strategic Treasurer

Paul Higdon

Chief Product Officer

Marc Delbaere

Global Head of Corporates and Trade

Phil Beck

Head of Treasury Management
Capital One

Doug Hartsema

Managing Partner
Hartsema Group

0:00 Introductions

1:50 What problems will treasury technology solve for the customers?

4:50 Will corporate applications ever catch up to consumer applications?

9:28 What problems will technology create?

13:17 How to stay current with technology.

17:13 We know payments are headed for real-time. What else is headed for real-time?

22:48 Will robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning actually enhance the customer’s experience or just save money in the bank’s back office?

27:21 “Alexa, set my daily cash position and make today’s investments” – Will that ever happen?

31:42 “I can do everything on my phone… except my job.” How is that evolving? When will most everything be available on a mobile device?

37:17 If you had to bet a million dollars on one emerging technology, what would it be?

40:18 Closing comments and remarks on the state of technology.

This panel was one of two held at the 2019 AFP conference in Boston. We are extremely grateful to our moderator and panelists for participating and sharing their insights and expertise: