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2019 Treasury Perspectives Survey Results Report

For the 2nd year running, Strategic Treasurer and TD Bank are proud to present the findings from the Treasury Perspectives Survey. This annual study polls treasury and finance professionals on their views regarding the economy, technology, industry innovation, and regulation to better understand top challenges and opportunities in the marketplace. In 2019, the survey captured data from 340 respondents operating primarily across North America and Europe.

The 100+ questions contained within the survey were segmented according to five industry categories:

  • Economic & Geopolitical Outlook
  • Credit Use & Availability
  • Treasury Operations & Benchmarks
  • Regulatory Impact & Response
  • Bank Relationship Management

2019 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey Results Report

With your help, we’ve consistently found that fraud is a top ranking concern for treasury. This year, as it has become a bigger issue worldwide, we discover how your experiences and practices have changed. Has your security framework been strengthened? Or are you still doing the same things, hoping you’re not one of the many corporates who have suffered a loss from fraud in the past year?

In this survey, treasury and finance professionals were asked questions on the following topics:

  • Fraud Experience (Frequency of attacks, source of attacks, and method(s) of attack)
  • Security Practices Employed (Both Human & Technological)

  • Cyber Risk Management and Data Protection Policies

  • Investments in Security & Fraud Prevention Technology

  • Bank Account Management, Reconciliation, & Compliance Practices

2019 B2B Payments Survey Results Report

This survey report covers the shifting technologies, strategies, and practices used by organizations across the Business-to-Business (B2B) payments landscape. The recent survey gave us valuable insights related to the overall payments complexity and challenges being experienced by practitioners across the treasury and finance environment, and also shed light on the unique solutions and tactics employed by organizations to optimize payment processes and maximize efficiency across the B2B payments space.

This third annual survey report also covers:

  • Mobile Payments
  • Planned Technology Spend

  • Payment Security

2019 Supply Chain Finance Survey Results Report

In 2019, the 2nd iteration of Strategic Treasurer’s supply chain finance survey, developed in partnership with Kyriba, sought to pinpoint the unique factors that are ultimately influencing the evolution of the SCF space, both from a provider and user standpoint. Specifically, what is the spread or market share of bank and fintech solutions in SCF, and how is this mix changing over time? Also, how do corporates view the benefits and challenges of SCF, what drivers are pushing them to adopt or participate in programs, and how do these perspectives vary across buyer and supplier operations?

The roughly 60 questions contained within this survey were categorized according to four areas:

  • SCF Solution Landscape
  • Corporate SCF Drivers
  • Buyer Perspectives
  • Supplier Perspectives

Program benefits:

  • Extended Survey Results
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  • Awesome Prizes
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The Treasury Ambassadors program is designed to enhance the overall experience for respondents that complete Strategic Treasurer’s industry surveys. This is accomplished by offering extended survey results, prizes, and other opportunities to those who join. A participant in the program is expected to complete at least 5 of the surveys offered by Strategic Treasurer every year, but may take as many as are offered. Surveys can range anywhere from 10-50 questions.

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