Join Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer and Stacey Lloyd-Jones of ION Treasury for a webinar on how to make your case to transition to a TMS.

Making the Move Webinar

Date:     Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Times:     2:00-3:00 PM ET

Where:  This is an online event.

ION Treasury

A massive number of firms do not use a TMS. For larger firms the number is less than 20%. But, as we look at firms of smaller revenue that percentage rises rapidly and exceeds 80% for those sitting between $100mm to $500mm in turnover. This reality used to make sense given the level of effort and cost to install and maintain these systems. The radical change in technology and delivery methods over time have altered the calculus in ways that is leading to a democratization of treasury technology. Smaller revenue size doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of complexity.

This webinar will cover five items to include in your case for moving from Excel to a TMS. We will also characterize the need for this move and will cover the requirements, concerns, and challenges firms may have.

1.2 CTP re-certification credits will be given for attendance to this live webinar.

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