Episode 22

Treasury’s Journey in the Use of Robotic Process Automation

Discussing the concepts of robotic process automation and machine learning is fun. The reality of the use of robotics can sometimes seem distant. When those concepts are applied to real-life treasury situations, it becomes more intellectually exciting and practical.

In this podcast Craig Jeffery of Strategic Treasurer interviews Camille Felton and Steven Peterson of Chick-fil-A about their journey in the use of RPA and bots. The discussion covers what activities they targeted, the results that were achieved, and where they are looking next. Their use cases include managing banking statements and data, accounts payable activities, and sales & use tax reporting. Driving efficiency means reducing manual processes and errors. Listen in as we discuss bots in the treasury context.

Episode Speakers:

Craig Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer
Steven Peterson, Chick-fil-A
Camille Felton, Chick-fil-A

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