The Treasury Update Podcast by Strategic Treasurer

Episode 239

From Chaos to Clarity:
Strategies for Smooth Bank Integration

When it comes to treasury operations, cash is still king. Holistic cash visibility is a critical differentiator for companies. Digital transformation and open banking have presented many more opportunities for treasury and finance to quickly access the data they need for better cash management and forecasting while streamlining processes through automation. Yet even with the rise of APIs in finance, a significant proportion of companies are still manually pulling bank statements from a plethora of bank portals, and still processing payments manually as well. Learn how AES deployed multi-bank connectivity solutions to eliminate manual processes, improve internal governance and security, protect themselves from payments fraud, ensure regulatory compliance, and achieve real-time liquidity.


Craig Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer

Craig - Headshot


Mark O’Toole, Fides

Paul Galloway - Strategic Treasurer


Kelly Carpenter, AES Corporation

Paul Galloway - Strategic Treasurer

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