Episode 7

Security: Understanding the 2nd Chapter of the Cloud

The movement of functionality and services to the cloud has been underway for over a decade. It began with sales management and has extended to every area of the corporate world. This has created an opportunity for better services to become available to more companies. At the same time the challenges that are raised need to be addressed. These include issues of data protection in all domains and understanding security must extend beyond the internal data center.

  • Development of new services and functions create change which must be managed. As we are deep into the 2nd chapter of the cloud, how do we adapt properly?
  • If PII and other secure data is outside the organization, how does IT and Treasury ensure this asset is protected at all times and in all locations?
  • If the promise of the cloud is the democratization of technology, what is the danger of shadow-IT (nearly everyone adding applications or services to the company platform without any vetting)? What needs to be done?

Craig Jeffery, the managing partner of Strategic Treasurer discusses these topics with Craig Callé, founder of the security firm Source Callé and a former CFO of Amazon Digital Services and other companies.

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