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Strategic Treasurer's Fintech Analyst Reports

When you’re looking for new treasury or finance technology, it can be overwhelming. Strategic Treasurer has stepped in to help solve this problem. Take a look at our definitive guides on a variety of different topics including Treasury and Risk Management Systems, Treasury Aggregators, and Supply Chain Finance Solutions. Learn more about these solutions and some of the top vendors in each industry. Download these reports below!

2016-2017 Treasury + Risk Management Systems

2017-2018 TMS/TRMS Analyst Report

2016 Treasury Aggregator Analyst Report

2017-2018 Treasury Aggregator Analyst Report

2017 B2B Payments & Working Capital Management Survey

2018-2019 Supply Chain Finance Analyst Report

Analyst Report Series

What's the difference between all the analyst reports? Who's featured in each? How can I be a part of the analyst reports? Find out more below!

Treasury Risk + Management System Analyst Report

The Treasury Risk + Management Systems Analyst Report is the definitive guide to treasury & risk management technology solutions. This report is intended to help treasury leaders understand the components of the treasury technology industry by providing current data and strategic insight. This is the first analyst report in our Analyst Report Series and usually comes out around October.

The purpose of this report is to provide the reader with a sufficient overview of the TMS/TRMS space so that they will finish having an understanding an understanding of the:

  • Reasons why TMSs are an ideal solution for most treasury departments.
  • Current trends that are unfolding within treasury departments.
  • Key factors that are currently driving change within the TMS industry.
  • Various functionalities contained within the Treasury Management Systems offered on the market today.
  • Treasury technology landscape and the individual providers operating within it in terms of position, fit, strategies, and strengths.

Past reports:      2015-2016     2016-2017     2017-2018

2016-2017 Treasury Aggregator Analyst Report

Treasury Aggregator Analyst Report

The Treasury Aggregator Analyst Report goes into detail on what a treasury aggregator is and what it can do for your company. It is the second analyst report in our Analyst Report Series. 2016 was the first year it was published. This year, you can expect it in June.

In today’s business environment, data and insight derived from numerous industry surveys and discussions with both corporates and Treasury Aggregation technology providers has highlighted several key factors driving change in the Treasury Aggregation landscape. These factors include:

  • Rapid economic globalization and the resulting need for a quick and efficient global connectivity framework
  • Changing payment and financial messaging formats and networks that are forcing corporations to adapt in order to maintain compatibility
  • Evolving compliance expectations arising from increased threats faced by hackers and criminal organizations

To learn more about what a treasury aggregator is and why you should look at one, see the start of our blog series here.

Past reports:      2016-2017     2017-2018

2017-2018 Supply Chain Finance Analyst Report

Supply Chain Finance Analyst Report

The Supply Chain Finance Analyst Report covers many areas in this growing industry. It is the most recent iteration of our Analyst Report Series.

Supply chain finance is becoming an increasingly popular component of business operations for organizations. As a result of this increased interest, the SCF industry is undergoing a period of rapid growth as providers of supply chain finance solutions seek to meet demand.

The elevated corporate need and interest surrounding supply chain finance coupled with the rapid growth and evolution that is occurring within the industry has highlighted a clear need for up-to-date resources that provide a thorough evaluation and analysis of the supply chain finance industry.

This report seeks to aid corporate practitioners in furthering their understanding of supply chain finance, with coverage that includes:

  • An overview of the economic conditions that have led to increased interest in SCF solutions
  • Defining supply chain finance as it exists today.
  • The current state of supply chain finance in the business environment
  • Outlining the business case for supply chain finance
  • An overview of the evolution of supply chain finance that has occurred over time.
  • Analysis of the top drivers and trends currently shaping the SCF industry
  • Analysis of various approaches to SCF, and the benefits derived through each technique.
  • An accurate and holistic view of the SCF solution provider landscape, with in-depth analysis of the leading providers of SCF solutions.


Past Reports:     2017-2018     2018-2019