This webinar is exclusively for those participating in our Treasury Ambassadors program.

Diving into Data

Date:     Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Time:     12:00PM – 1:00PM EST

Where:  This is an online event.


This is an exclusive event for active Treasury Ambassadors program members. If you are not a Treasury Ambassador but would like more information on how to become one, click here and/or email Ky Casanova to request to join.

During this live webinar Craig Jeffery will take an in-depth look at Strategic Treasurer’s recent survey data that has not been previously released to the public. The topics covered include supply chain finance, fraud, payments, and cash forecasting. This will include industry distinctions to provide comprehensive information to attendees. A thorough description of what our research data shows and how it can be applied to benchmarking, highlighting elements of particular interest to for a quick recognition of what is relevant and important.

If you encounter any issues with registration or during the webinar, please contact our team. It can take a few minutes for the confirmation email to come through.

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One of the first responsibilities of treasury with regard to payments is to inventory all payment flows (originating system and payment type). This provides the foundation for assessing your payment processes. When companies take these inventories, they are usually surprised to find they have 50% to 100% more payment flows than they originally thought. This session will discuss the process of finding and inventorying all payment flows to understand the exposure points.

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Webinar: 2023 Treasury Perspectives Survey Results | April 20

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