Episode 3

Treasury Fraud and Controls Survey 2018

In 2018, Strategic Treasurer & Bottomline Technologies released the results from their 3rd annual Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey, which provided a comprehensive view of the current state to which fraud is impacting the financial environment. In this episode, Isaac Zaubi interviews Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner of Strategic Treasurer, regarding some of the key findings from this survey. Discussion centers around topics including corporate fraud concerns and security spend, criminal innovation and common tactics used, and overall treasury fraud experience.


Time Discussion Topic
0:35 Survey genesis and overview
3:27 Fraud remains a top concern for corporates
5:17 Criminals are leveraging technology to be more effective
5:50 Spending on fraud
7:58 Optimistic view of improving company defense status
10:30 Controls
12:53 Reconciliation
16:35 Fraud tracking responsibility and fraud training
20:00 Overall fraud experiences
22:03 Specific fraud details and examples
28:22 Check forgery and ransomware, ransomware as a service
34:00 Final survey thoughts and wrap up


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