The TMS Toolkit

A series of resources provided by GTreasury, powered by Strategic Treasurer.

TMS Toolkit Series

by GTreasury and Strategic Treasurer

Your organization is past due for a treasury management system overhaul, but one question remains:

Are you prepared to take on a technology remodel that affects company operations and global commerce every day?

Before tackling this critical business renovation, be sure the tools you need are at your fingertips.

Building the Business Case

You want technology. It is a no-brainer. But, you are competing for dollars and mindshare. Making a significant change in treasury includes bringing the organization along on multiple fronts simultaneously. This involves socializing the need, showing the strategic fit and making the financial case. This first installment in the TMS Toolkit series identifies major shifts in the technology environment that are driving significant spend on treasury technology. It addresses key considerations for showing an ROI and provides a multi-step plan for moving forward.

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Technology Stack: Digital Backbone

TMS Selection: Leading Practices

Implementation: Pitfalls to Avoid

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