Outsmarting Payment Fraud: Common Exposures and How to Defend Against Them [Quarterly Security Webinar]

by | Feb 28, 2017 | 2017 Replays, Webinars

This webinar will be posed as a question and answer session. Isaac will ask some pre-prepared questions, as well as questions from the audience, to Craig, the expert. These questions will take a look at recent case studies and common criminal approaches to perpetrating various forms of payment fraud.  These include check fraud, imposter fraud (“business email compromise”), system-level fraud and others. 

Treasury professionals will benefit from gaining a better understanding of the threats they currently face as well as strategic, directional guidance on how to proactively reduce their exposures and minimize risk of loss.

*Please note, at this time webinar replays are not eligible for CTP or FP&A re-certification credits.