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2023 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey

Flash Survey | Treasury’s Return to Office (RTO) Status

This 15-question flash survey will investigate the current status, plans, and responses of the “Return to Office” (RTO) in treasury. Questions revolve around respondent organization’s policies regarding RTO, the changes made to employee location policies over the past three years, and staff views on work location and RTO mandates.

Only those who complete this brief survey will receive the results report.

Treasury Technology Implementation 101: Creating a Win-Win for Clients and Vendors

Treasury Aggregators: 2022 Analyst Report Series

Treasury departments require massive amounts of connectivity both to internal and external groups. As the company meets with changes and growth, these connectivity needs result in heightened complexity. From payment types and formats to compliance and fraud, this complexity can become overwhelming for treasury staff. This webinar will discuss how treasury aggregators (TA) address these pain points by supporting efficient and controlled operations even in the midst of complexity. Additional topics will include the role of a treasury aggregator within the larger treasury technology landscape, factors affecting the future of aggregation, and leading practices for successfully implementing a TA.

1.2 CTP re-certification credits and 1.2 CPE credits available

February 16 at 2:00 PM EST

79: What Is Preferred Stock?

79: What Is Preferred Stock?

What is preferred stock? Coffee Break Session Host Jason Campbell catches up with Strategic Treasurer’s Senior Advisor Paul Galloway to chat about preferred stock. They discuss why a company would want to issue preferred stock, how it’s different from common stock, and how it’s treated from a credit perspective. Listen in and learn a little bit about preferred stock.

2022 Virtual Card Solutions Survey Report

Virtual Card Solutions Report

In a growing environment of electronic payments, organizations are seeking ways to make safer, faster, and more efficient processes where visibility and value are increased and exceptions and challenges are diminished. The 2022 Virtual Card Solutions survey, presented with Mastercard, offers a comprehensive evaluation of virtual card programs and performance by organizations along with expectations and plans for the future.

2022 Treasury Technology Analyst Report

Treasury Technology Analyst Report

Researching new treasury and finance technology can be overwhelming. Strategic Treasurer has stepped in to help. Explore our definitive guide to the treasury technology landscape and discover detailed, data-based coverage of these technologies.

Our mission is to elevate & enhance the practice of treasury by advising individual clients & informing the industry at large.

Advising Our Clients.

All of our consultants have practical, hands-on experience in corporate treasury environments, having held various senior management and leadership roles in numerous industries. Being able to pull on this experience, our consultants have the ability to understand that solutions and advice must be unique and contextualized to fit your organization’s specific situation. They can walk you through a customized process from beginning to end and answer any questions you have along the way.

Informing the Industry.

Informing the industry is an integral part of what drives our mission. In order for the industry to advance and stay ahead of the chaos of the environment, professionals need to be aware of the leading practices that can help stabilize their companies. We aim to fill this hole by creating our own primary market research. Using this, we are able to give relevant and up-to-date information in our webinars, reports, and visual guides. We can help you fill any gaps you might have in your company.

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78: What Is Common Stock?

78: What Is Common Stock?

Host Jason Campbell catches up with Strategic Treasurer’s Senior Advisor Paul Galloway to discuss common stock. They discuss why companies issue common stock, second offerings, and treasury stock and talk about how it’s used. Listen in and learn a little bit about common stock.

Webinar: Evolving Payments: From Making Payments Globally to Virtual Cards | January 31

Webinar: Evolving Payments: From Making Payments Globally to Virtual Cards | January 31

The payments landscape has been evolving more rapidly of late. Handling these changes has been a significant challenge, but newer payment types have also brought new opportunities and benefits. This session will cover the experiences, expectations, and plans of payment and treasury professionals. Companies are adapting in order to better manage payments across a range of geographies and currencies. Meanwhile, the scope and scale of fraud has sped the rise of virtual cards. This session will expand on the results and implications of two payment-related surveys.

#235 – The Treasurers Have Spoken, Episode 1: Survey Results on TMS, Payment Hubs, and CCC

#235 – The Treasurers Have Spoken, Episode 1: Survey Results on TMS, Payment Hubs, and CCC

Craig Jeffery and Paul Galloway of Strategic Treasurer discuss the key findings and implications of recent survey data by Strategic Treasurer. They discuss the new advancements of APIs. Are they improving fast enough to keep up with market demands? They touch on the thought process involved in a Treasurer deciding on a payment hub, and the challenges treasury departments face in managing their cash conversion cycle.