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2018 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey

This survey covers a broad range of current practices and seeks to determine future methods of preventing fraud and implementing a strong controls system for treasury. We aim to pull together essential information from a variety of both corporations and banks to spot weak areas within business practices and identify areas where organizations are improving their control framework to address emerging and future trends. Plus, you could win a pair of Bose SoundLink headphones for completing this survey!

Maximizing Supply Chain Finance: Driving the Value of SCF, in all its forms, Through Your Processes

Project Management: The Key Aspects for TMS Selection and Implementation

With the complexity of integrating both internal and external systems to fully leverage the TMS, project management becomes a critical element during selection and implementation. This session will go over some key aspects to provide you with the most value. 1.2 CTP and FP&A re-certification credits will be given for this webinar.

Convergence in Corporate Banking: How Technology Drives Opportunity for Banks and Corproates [Co-presented with Finastra]

Treasurers must frequently struggle to piece together data from disparate systems for a complete picture of their organization’s financial position due to the typical siloed offerings from corporate banking services. This webinar will further explore how banks and corporations should be thinking about banking technology. 1.2 CTP re-certification credits will be given for this webinar.

B2B Payments & WCM Strategies Survey

In the ever-changing world of corporate finance, core responsibilities like payments and cash management must continually adapt to keep pace with developing initiatives, regulations, and treats. With these changes, there is no better time to learn what treasury and payment professionals are planning. Complete this survey today to be entered to win an Amazon gift card and receive a more detailed survey results report.

Treasury + Risk Management FinTech Analyst Report

Download your copy of the newest TMS/TRMS FinTech Analyst Report today! This report exists to help you understand the components of the treasury technology industry by providing current data and strategic insight on available solutions.

Securing Treasury Technology: Using ROI to Pave the Way [Quarterly Technology Webinar]

Treasury, being financially disciplined, makes sure to have financially defensible elements in their financial section of their business case. This session will examine vital financial benefits derived from both strategic and operational changes made possible with modern technology. 1.2 CTP and FP&A re-certification credits will be given for this webinar.

Our mission is to elevate & enhance the practice of treasury by advising individual clients & informing the industry at large.

Advising Our Clients.

All of our consultants have practical, hands-on experience in corporate treasury environments, having held various senior management and leadership roles in numerous industries. Being able to pull on this experience, our consultants have the ability to understand that solutions and advice must be unique and contextualized to fit your organization’s specific situation. They can walk you through a customized process from beginning to end and answer any questions you have along the way.

Informing the Industry.

Informing the industry is an integral part of what drives our mission. In order for the industry to advance and stay ahead of the chaos of the environment, professionals need to be aware of the leading practices that can help stabilize their companies. We aim to fill this hole by creating our own primary market research. Using this, we are able to give relevant and up-to-date information in our webinars, reports, and visual guides. We can help you fill any gaps you might have in your company.

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Treasury Technology Ten Years from Now

For several years now, Strategic Treasurer has asked a subset or our survey respondents to share a top question or concern regarding treasury or the treasury technology industry.  We have compiled those entries in order to establish a list of FAQs and answers for...

Moving Beyond Tech to Improve Working Capital

If any working capital strategy implemented by treasury is to be successful, there must be buy-in from other departments. And if treasury’s relationship with those departments is strained, the success of the WCM program will certainly be impacted.

Treasury Aggregators: An In-Depth Look

Strategic Treasurer defines a Treasury Aggregator as a solution that provides a single connection point to all of a corporate’s banking connections for both payments and reporting.

2017 Supply Chain Finance Analyst Report

NEW REPORT RELEASE This report aids corporate practitioners in understanding supply chain finance programs and technology solutions.  It includes an overview of the economic conditions that have led to increased interest in SCF, background on the business case, and...

FBAR: 2017 Deadline Update

UPDATE: FinCEN has released another FBAR filing extension as of December 16th 2016. This is an extension for INDIVIDUAL filers with signature authority over BUT NO FINANCIAL INTEREST in one or more financial accounts. The new time granted for these filers is April...

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