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2023 Treasury Technology

NEW | 2024 Generative AI in Treasury and Finance Survey

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the hottest topics for discussion of late. The growth of ChatGPT and Bard has increased treasury professionals’ level of familiarity and has spurred additional thoughts and actions.

This express survey is intended to capture the current AI use for treasury activity, as well as future plans. The survey will distinguish between corporate users and the banking/fintech community. More detailed information will be shared with those who complete this brief survey.

Treasury Technology Implementation 101: Creating a Win-Win for Clients and Vendors

Webinar: Analyst Report Series Webinar – Treasury Management Systems & Enterprise Liquidity Management

January 11 at 2pm EST

The treasury management system (TMS) automates and streamlines treasury’s core tasks, forming a central dashboard for the treasury function and freeing staff for more strategic work. Recent years have seen some TMS vendors expanding into enterprise-wide solutions for tracking and managing liquidity, giving rise to the distinct enterprise liquidity management (ELM) category. From the basic TMS to the highly advanced TMS and the more comprehensive ELM system, each solution serves a segment of treasury departments. This webinar will cover the current TMS and ELM landscapes, innovations, and leading practices for selection and implementation.

#281 – Generative AI in Treasury: A Dialog with Deluxe (Deluxe)

#281 – Generative AI in Treasury: A Dialog with Deluxe (Deluxe)

In today’s podcast episode, we’ll hear a discussion between Craig Jeffery and Yogaraj Jayaprakasam on the transformative power of generative AI in treasury. They discuss generative AI’s transformative impact on communication, reasoning, and domain-specific applicability, as well as how Deluxe is looking at the adoption of AI.

Treasury Fraud & Controls

Treasury Technology Report

Strategic Treasurer and TIS are proud to present the findings from the Treasury Technology Survey with data from over 150 respondents operating primarily across North America and Europe. This study polls treasury and finance professionals on their views regarding technology drivers, challenges, and system plans, use, and needs.

Treasury Fraud & Controls

Modernizing AR Processing Report

This survey, underwritten by Corcentric, looked at various practices and plans for modernizing and automating AR processes. The influence of recent disruptions, calibration of various pain points that drive change, and other motivators to upgrade AR processes were examined.

Download the 2023 Modernizing Accounts Receivable Processing report today!

Our mission is to elevate & enhance the practice of treasury by advising individual clients & informing the industry at large.

Advising Our Clients.

All of our consultants have practical, hands-on experience in corporate treasury environments, having held various senior management and leadership roles in numerous industries. Being able to pull on this experience, our consultants have the ability to understand that solutions and advice must be unique and contextualized to fit your organization’s specific situation. They can walk you through a customized process from beginning to end and answer any questions you have along the way.

Informing the Industry.

Informing the industry is an integral part of what drives our mission. In order for the industry to advance and stay ahead of the chaos of the environment, professionals need to be aware of the leading practices that can help stabilize their companies. We aim to fill this hole by creating our own primary market research. Using this, we are able to give relevant and up-to-date information in our webinars, reports, and visual guides. We can help you fill any gaps you might have in your company.

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97: What Are Brokered CDs?

97: What Are Brokered CDs?

In today’s episode, Paul Galloway, Senior Director, Advisory Services at Strategic Treasurer, shares a concise exploration of brokered CDs. You’ll learn what they are, how they differ from traditional CDs, the associated risks, what happens at maturity, tax considerations, and the option to sell them. Listen in for more information!

#276 – Organizational Security Assessments

#276 – Organizational Security Assessments

Are you contributing to the security of your organization? Are you aware of your role? In today’s episode, Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner of Strategic Treasurer, shares insights and explores common testing exercises, the evolving security landscape, and practical recommendations for IT and treasury professionals. He also discusses the concepts of “Red Team” and “Blue Team” in regard to security, and how they play a crucial role in keeping your defenses current.