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Strategic Treasurer puts out a mix of visual guides, focusing on ebooks and white papers. While white papers are more formal in approach, both provide a concise view of a specific topic.
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The Treasurer's Blueprint for Transformation eBook

De-Risking Cash Management Technology Decisions | NEW

While spreadsheets may suffice for the smallest companies, and sophisticated solutions are perfect for the very large, mid-sized companies often find themselves in an awkward in-between. This mini ebook addresses the challenges that these companies face in choosing technology that properly suits their needs. It walks the reader through identifying their organization’s unique complexity, discusses factors to consider in potential solutions, and offers practical guidance for the mid-sized company’s technology search.

Guide to Excellence in Treasury eBook

Transforming Payments

This ebook is for the various internal groups involved in payments and cash conversion, from AP and AR to Treasury and Finance. It delves into the “why” and the “how” of cooperation and seeking win-win solutions, offering insights into department-specific considerations and leading practices for payments transformation and cashflow improvement. It shows how Treasury, Finance, AP and AR must all work to understand the other perspectives involved, seeking win-win scenarios that support overarching organizational goals, departmental needs and external partnerships.

Guide to Excellence in Treasury eBook

Guide to Excellence in Treasury

Treasury sits in a unique position in the organization, and excelling as treasurer requires unique strategy and the proper mindset across multiple areas. With insights covering everything from important steps for the new treasurer to leading practices for securing resources, overcoming blind spots, staff development, metrics, technology, working capital, and more, the Guide to Excellence in Treasury ebook offers strategies and fine-tuned approaches to major areas of challenge for treasurers.

Whether you’re aiming to become a treasurer, have just landed the job, or have held the position for years but are still seeking ways to improve and grow, this guidebook should have some ideas that will help you and your organization thrive.

The Treasurer's Blueprint for Transformation eBook

Working Capital Management: Optimization & Alignment

This mini eBook covers the different definitions of working capital and their purposes; the appropriate aims of a working capital management program contrasted with the red herrings; stories that demonstrate working capital issues and solutions; and leading practices and necessary steps.

Its guidance is aimed at helping you lead your organization into a thriving state of efficiency and excellence by optimizing working capital and aligning goals.

Payment Security & Fraud Prevention: The Principles of Secure Clamps

Payment Security & Fraud Prevention: The Principles of SECURE CLAMPS

This book brings you twelve payment security principles, distilled from one portion of Strategic Treasurer’s SecureTreasury™ course. The cores of these twelve foundational principles for securing your payment processes remain consistent amidst constantly evolving threats and leading practices.

The Treasurer's Blueprint for Transformation eBook

The Treasurer’s Blueprint for Transformation

Change is a constant, and there is a certain pattern to how technology changes. Recognizing and anticipating this pattern can help organizations understand what is happening, when to anticipate a tipping point, and what to expect.

The goal of this eBook is to discuss the pertinent details and lay the foundation for treasury professionals to understand the environment and evaluate their needs and solution structures more quickly and accurately.

Leading from Crisis to Recovery eBook - Treasury Coalition

Leading from Crisis to Recovery

The crisis permanently changed the corporate landscape. As treasury and finance practitioners seek to lead their companies into recovery, they are not returning to 2019. Instead, they must realize what’s changed and consider how to recover toward a different set of leading practices and a different future state. The information in this eBook is intended to help with exactly that.

In this eBook, you will find survey findings and insights from Coalition members on topics such as 1) harnessing the recovery to spur improvements in your processes, 2) how your peers are responding and what practices are rapidly becoming standard, and 3) how to weather the increased fraud and remote work vulnerabilities.

TMS Toolkit - Implementation

Implementation: Pitfalls to Avoid

This eBook is the final installment in the TMS Toolkit Series. Your treasury team has come a long way on a journey to a new treasury and risk management system. They have successfully compiled and presented a business case, assessed their needs and parameters, identified the type of solution necessary, and narrowed it down to the right vendor.

This last hurdle, however, can be challenging, requiring clear-sighted planning and hard work to ensure on-time delivery, in-budget costs, and successful attainment of the planned scope of functionality. The best way to ensure success is to understand the most common pitfalls and plan strategies to avoid them.

Payment Fraud eBook - Strategic Treasurer & Coupa

Payment Fraud

With fraud on the rise and payment processes scattered throughout different departments, a treasurer must function as the ‘superintendent’ of payment security, overseeing the policies, controls, and practices others are putting into action.

This eBook is intended to help treasury understand and fill that role most effectively by covering the current situation, the threat levels of various types of fraud, common areas of vulnerability, and frameworks and tactics for constructing a solid defense.

TMS Toolkit - Selection

TMS Selection: Leading Practices

Since modern TMS typically last for well over a decade and affect the efficiency and effectiveness of treasury operations on a daily basis, the stakes in selecting the right solution and vendor are high. This eBook, the third in the TMS Toolkit series, covers the key principles necessary for a selection that will result in lasting success and walks the reader through each step of the selection process. Topics include finding a vendor who can partner with your firm long-term, product road maps, critical business requirements, and getting the most out of RFI, RFP and demonstration experiences.

Making the move eBook - Strategic Treasurer & ION Treasury

Making the move: Transitioning from Excel to a Treasury Management System

As technology continues to democratize, many firms currently using Excel may discover that, for the first time, they now have a better option than to limp along with inefficient, error-prone manual processes. This eBook walks firms through the new calculus of deciding when it’s time to make the switch from Excel to a TMS and offers guidance on preparing for the transition and gathering support when the time comes.

TMS Toolkit - Technology Stack

Technology Stack: Digital Backbone

This eBook, the second in its series, shifts our attention to the crucial place a TMS can occupy in a treasury department, serving as a part or whole of a digital backbone in the technology stack. This understanding will also prove helpful in addressing the material of the third and fourth eBooks, which will relate to TMS selection (3rd eBook) and implementation (4th eBook).


TMS Toolkit Series: Building the Business Case

This first installment in the TMS Toolkit series identifies major shifts in the technology environment that are driving significant spend on treasury technology. It addresses key considerations for showing an ROI and provides a multi-step plan for moving forward.

Reducing the Pain of Payments

This eBook provides an extended look into the primary challenges associated with treasury’s B2B payment operations, including what is causing these challenges and how they are evolving over time. This resource also offers insight to the leading solutions and techniques available today for overcoming these challenges and maximizing efficiency across B2B payments workflows and procedures.

Accurate Cash Forecasting: Challenges and Solutions for Treasury

This eBook provides an extended look into the practice of cash forecasting, with analysis of both the primary challenges impacting treasury as well as the key solutions that companies can implement to alleviate their strain and enhance their workflows.

Is Your Treasury Technology Aligned with Your Needs? eBook - Strategic Treasurer & Bottomline

Is Your Treasury Technology Aligned with Your Needs?

This resource offers insight to the primary challenges impacting companies as they look to implement treasury technology, and provides an overview of the key factors to consider before undergoing an implementation.

Acquiring Treasury Technology

In an environment where the expectations placed upon treasury continue to grow, practitioners must learn how to develop an effective business case for acquiring enhanced technology and be able to discern one solution from another in today’s competitive technology market.

2017 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey Results Report

Tax & Treasury: Managing Tax Liability via Tax Equity Investments & Tax Credits

This comprehensive visual guide will walk you through the landscape of tax credits and tax equity investments.  You’ll learn how corporate treasury can play a pivotal role in supporting their tax department by introducing and stewarding the utilization of these unique assets. Learn more in the eBook.

2017 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey Results Report

With Greater Payments Complexity Comes the Need for Efficiency

Today, the ability to quickly & accurately exchange information between parties isn’t optional; it’s a vital necessity. Download this eBook for more info!

Financial Supply Chain - eBook

Leading Practices for Treasury in the Financial Supply Chain

Treasury is charged with acting as a careful steward over a range of financial liquidity requirements, operational performance goals, and protection of the organization’s most liquid assets. Learn more in the eBook.

2017 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey Results Report

Running Corporate Treasury in an Environment of Elevated Risks

The risk environment faced by organizations is diverse and significant. These elevated and continually increasing expectations placed on treasury must be addressed.

White Papers

Treasury's Role in Transforming Accounts Payable Into a Profit Center

FBAR Filing and Treasury

Reporting foreign bank and financial accounts is not something that can be ignored. Neglecting it can result in massive fines. Download this white paper from Strategic Treasurer for information on FBAR filing. View this white paper for more info!

Treasury's Role in Transforming Accounts Payable Into a Profit Center

BOI: What Treasurers Need to Know

This white paper provides an overview of the Final Rule, which companies need to report, what information must be reported, upcoming deadlines, and estimated time for filing. View this white paper for more info!

Treasury's Role in Transforming Accounts Payable Into a Profit Center

The Future of Treasury in the Digital Age

This white paper discusses the impact of digitalization on corporate treasury and explains the increasing expectations for treasury departments to handle the growing volume of data and to improve efficiency through technology investments. It provides guidelines for transitioning to digital solutions, including considerations for technology architecture, staffing, and selecting the right tools and services.

Treasury's Role in Transforming Accounts Payable Into a Profit Center

Treasury’s Role in Transforming Accounts Payable Into a Profit Center

Due to the moniker, “cost center,” Accounts Payable (A/P) is rarely funded at a level that matches other finance areas. Treasury typically owns working capital and needs to help drive and support the right type of organizational emphasis on A/P. View this white paper for more info!